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Artist: Mack 10 & Scarface
Album:  The Player's Club Sdtk
Song:   You Delinquent
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Voice: What the fuck?
Mack: I'm tired of playin' with yo' ass nigga today you gone die.
Voice: Aaaagh agh

I went from Inglewood to H-Town tryin' to put the hustle down
but I could already tell these bitch niggas wanna clown
like I'm the new jack of the city but I ride like nina roll
& I can see now one eighty seven got to be the penal code
I'm fed up that's it that's all fuck that get it get it
& since he bullshitted & ran with it
a murder must be committed
Now the kidnap got to go down
In other words I got to steal him
then put the pistol to his grill &
cock the hammer back & kill him
We finna (get him) & once we (get him)
gotta make a statement
He fucked the family
man to respect 'em we gotta waste him
No hesitatin' heat him up & leave him on the pavement
then find his momma so she can help us find her baby
Nigga are you crazy?
We don't bullshit when it comes to payday
they fuck with Face they
don't let me catch you on the highway
or in public places we dumpin' on ya like that
Nigga You Delinquent we on yo' ass like that

You Delinquent muthafucka give up the pink slip
We got to kill who you drink with
We got to blast who you think with
A money murder
A money murder
We got to hurt ya
We got to hurt ya

Caught his ass slippin' at a parkin' lot
red dot marks the spot
I'm trippin' on how hard he got
he got some bitches in the front seat smilin'
When asked about the paper he owe he kept drivin'
paid us no mind & hit the corner in the 5.0
dippin' disrespected pimpin' Mack 10 trippin'
loadin' up the stainless .44 grip &
the trigger off his finger finna start clickin'
Aww fuckAin't that a bitch
this nigga actin' like I'm some type of sucka
I'll tell you what Face you drive
when I blast this muthafucka
Done took my last weed crop money
so you know we through G
Dog I been around too many hogs
to let a punk nigga do me
I give a fuck what you claim
where you from & who you know
nigga touch my dough fa sho
ya get a blow from the .44
So let his neck go Brad
it ain't no need to choke the nigga
just close ya ears & get back homeboy
I'm finna choke the trigga

[Face]  Aiight there he go 
there that bitch go 
come on come on let'sgo 


If a rider need his heat 'cause it's cold outside
we gets money worldwide & we stay down to ride
So I stuff the clip of the .45 cause I gotta survive
& the niggas that's jive they end up dead on the rise
all pissy & shitty victims of the Hoo Bang Committee
when Mack & Face get down it's like a polinity
Straight rulers of the city hit the stick & now we bent
& blowin holes in what you think with
of niggas that's Delinquent

Hey so when a nigga shoot you nine man,
a nigga gon need to get that money, whatI'msayin'?
When a nigga shoot you half a bird,
a nigga gon need to get that money.
Nigga wadn't bullshittin' when he fronted it to you.
So don't bullshit when it come to payin a muthafucka.
Aiight? You Delinquent.
Can I get my muthafuckin' ends nigga?


We got to get you for that dollar bill (2x)
We got to get you for this dollar bill
We got to get yo' ass dollar bill
A money murder
A money murder
We are going to hurt you nigga.
A money murder
A money murder (Give it up)