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Artist: Mad Child (Swollen Members)
Album:  Banned From America
Song:   Black Phantom
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yeah {*echoes*}
Now they call him the king of pain
When's my second chance coming?

[Mad Child]
Go fuck yourself, pardon my French immersion
Going back in time, like the Prince of Persia
So broke, I'ma start pinching purses
Snatching watches, lifting your wallet
Wanted to be B.I.G. like Christopher Wallace
Now I got this pig sayin this is your calling
Customs treat me like a terrorist
"Banned From America," I need a therapist
Possessor of the sacred sword, pulled blade from stone
Now the sounds of madness invade your home
Used to sleep on the cardboard box
Now the warlock door lock like Fort Knox
Hardcore thoughts in my artform shocks... artform shocks
You shouldn't shadowbox with the Grim Reaper
Now I grip my Battle Axe and I think deep
thoughts ending life like blood-thirsty creature
Look like a gremlin with much better features
Call him Thor with the warhammer special
Six Red Bulls, four more canned espressos

War angel, now the Lone Ranger
Hi-ho Silver, the world's in danger
Win some, lose some, used to be considered handsome
Now I'm ugly as sin, Black Phantom

[Mad Child]
Man becomes legend, legend becomes myth
Myth becomes failure, that becomes gift
I don't give a fuck about the money that you're counting
I'm going deep into the tunnel of the mountain
Spiritually awakened, that's where it's safest
Cause if I really want what you have, I just take it
But I am no longer listening to Satan
Your pockets are full but your soul it is vacant
Once a family, now four strangers
Reach insanity, now I'm more dangerous
My back start to turn on the Lone Ranger
A lot less visits for the war angel
Did more than my share as far as cocaine go
And I still erupt like a volcano
My head's still spinning human tornado
Still dying as I'm staring at a black rainbow
Fuck everyone, fuck everything
Joke's on me, I was never king
Walked around like I could never do wrong
Lost everything, now everything's gone

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

Black Phantom, who are you?
Black Phantom {*echoes*}
Used to be considered handsome
Black Phantom~!