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Artist: Mad Child (Swollen Members)
Album:  Banned From America
Song:   Super Ill Villain
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Ayy~! It's Mad Child, the super ill villain
The Canadian werewolf is not getting into America right now
But I'ma be back, Battle Axe Warriors hold that shit down for me

[Mad Child]
Bounty hunter like Boba Fett
Inspector Gadget with the go-go jet
People look at me saying boy that man bad
Warrior like Braveheart, Troy and Mad Max
Strike with the Battle Axe, mic I can shatter that
Glad I got my shadow back riding in the Cadillac
Coupe de Ville chilling, super ill villain
Won't let me in the States but my group's still killing
You don't really want to try to hurt my feelings
That's when your blood could squirt to the ceiling
Rob Vike chilling, Prev One chilling
What more can I say? I'm still in
Even though I'm not there still "Top Billing"
Ice-T got away with songs about +Cop Killing+
I was being good, that's what I call raw dealings
Aw fuck it, I don't even care I'ma leave it there
I'm lucky to be even fuckin breathing air

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Hey Mad Child, crawl into a corner and die
I can't do that, I still must try
This is all I'm put on this earth for
All my other friends are busy caught in a turf war
Cops still treat me like I am in a gang
But how could I be? I don't do anything
All I do is stay home, write rhymes, and work out
Praying everything is gonna work out

[Mad Child]
Ay to make it in this game is like winning the jackpot
These days you don't need a label, just a laptop
Rapping has failed and turned into a crackpot
So I suggest a second job if you a have-not
Anything, sellin drugs, pourin blacktop
You can't eat off Facebook getting mad props
Old and broke, that shit'll leave you in a bad spot
Shooting videos with grandma's kitchen as the backdrop
Okay I know my time is coming, feel like I'm gonna blast off
Cause I got nothin left to lose I rap my ass off
I listen to these rappers, mad soft
Cause everybody sound the same, flash mob
See I can do that too but it won't last dog
So I said fuck it and choose to do exact opp'
So how I'm gonna turn this shit into a cash crop?
Shit, I'ma keep on spittin 'til the last drop