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Artist: Madchild
Album:  Switched On
Song:   Iran
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

"You ever see a (bleep) give a mule a blowjob?"

Hey! Little Monster

Yeah, I'm a fiery fuckin' beast - holmes I ain't playing
I spit white grease lightning, microphone slaying
I get down upon my knees and I start praying
I'm barbaric with these bars, man I'm archaic
Sleeping on some pizza boxes, was a vagrant
Got rich, started popping oxys - different fragrance
Cause dope addicts don't bathe, they keep to doping
Now I'm fuckin' clean - gonna make it, keep on hoping
I meet a Muslim and say, "As-salamu alaykum!"
Looking at me crazy cause I'm eating a piece of bacon
Quick to machete you like I just came from Iran
My plan - coming up with a high brand
BAX WAR - deadly as the juice that's in a scorpion's tail
Five years - smoking opium in jail
I'm telling ya I was living in a opian hell
Now I owe so much money I don't open the mail
So called friends - bitch, they're hoping I fail
So they can drag me to the bottom where we're broken in hell
Yeah, scum sucking, cock sucking, dirty bottom feeders
Don't need your damn protection, I already got a heater

[Chorus x2:]
It's the return of the motherfucking monster, bitch
MadChild, here to fuckin' chomp your shit
Completely bonkers
Thoughts - never constant, kid
If you don't like it
You could suck a donkey's dick

Lead Incredible Hulk and I'm half falcon and half Vulcan
Working out till I'm bulky, you will not see Mad sulking
Not the bad culprit, not corporate, I'm mad morbid
An orphan that won't forfeit, a fortifying rap orchid
Not in the right lodger
My thoughts - they are quite tortured
You're hot, but you're not scorched
Betrayed - in the wrong portrait
Rap, business - covering the hole damn it
Eating bocconcini and Balsamic in a gold hammock
I'm Foghorn Leghorn biting on a ham hock
Dangerous like Nicolas Cage visiting Bangkok
I got fuckin' superpowers like Hancock
Underground rappers don't get bitches - hand cock
Welcome to jam rock
Lucky like a shamrock
Middle aged, still full of childish dreams like a sandbox
Wish that I could find a mermaid, man
So I could stick my sea serpent in a mermaid's clam

[Chorus x2]

Lyrically I'm a power star, outcome could be yucky
Compared to most people on this planet I feel lucky
In a warm bubble bath, playing with my rubber ducky
A couple hot Asians, a little sucky sucky
Me love you long time, but then I'll call a taxi
Cause I'd rather be at home when I am finished, just relaxing
Get a second wind, call a girl named Becky
And stick four fingers up her puss like a trecky
Little young punks, don't you ever disrespect me
Leave you lying - flopping all around like you got epilepsy
Hit you so hard - thoughts, you will not be recollecting
Was an awful lot connected
With those cops, are not protecting
But now thoughts are not projected
Towards a life that's been neglected
I'd rather be a rapper that's eccentric and infecting
So suck my fuckin' ballsack
You can suck my nutsack
Fuck that, I'm a scumbag
Hunch like a hunchback

[Chorus x2]

Suck it!