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Artist: Madd Kapp
Album:  Less Than Zero
Song:   Go Away
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chorus: Madd Kapp]
Please, go away
Cause I ain't got shit to say
Plus I'm havin a bad day
And I don't want to hear your mouth
Please, don't, call my house tonight
Feelin guilty cause you ain't right
You got a new man and that's alright
But you'll probably cheat on him by the end of the night
That's just you

{*cell phone rings*}
Aiyyo (Is this Kenny?)

[Madd Kapp]
Bitch you know what time it is? It's 5 AM
You got a lot of lil' puppets, why don't you call up them
What you think this is bitch, some group therapy shit?
Go aggravate one of them so-called men that you with
I ain't tryin to be rude, but you just don't learn
I guess I'm stuck to your head like barettes and perms
Find a guy that suits you, one that puts his boot to you
And be a slob for him too the same way you used to do
It don't take much to have these guys heads fucked up
Look in his eyes like you used to do me when you licked my nuts
That'll get him interested, he'll probably buy you gifts 'n shit
And pretend you ain't a hoe the same way that I did
Show a little initiative, make him think he's the only
Even though when you get mad you go and fuck with his homies
You see it's early in the game, he doesn't know that you crazy
Let him nut in you, so you can have a rich man's baby
You said you wanted a life partner~! Well here's your chance
So think about it while his chubby's on your ass while you dance

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

That's just youuuuuuuu
That's just you, hehehehe!