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Artist: Madd Kapp
Album:  Less Than Zero
Song:   Sweet Mizery
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*harmonizing for first 20 seconds*}

[Madd Kapp]
Sweet Misery, you know that we in love with each other
And I'm your company, like we fuckin belong to each other
Two peas in a pod, peanut butter and jelly
Balogna and mayonnaise, alligators to Everglades
Lollipops to kids, that's how you and me is
Every time that I'm doin good you gotta get in my shit
You fucked up my rap career, and fixed me up with a bitch
And 10 months down the road, she suckin somebody dick
Then I leave her, and her big brother said that I used her
Now he beefin, even though I ain't do shit to her
A victim of circumstance, addicted to percodans
Burnin myself with cigarettes, cuts all on my hands
That's not suppoed to happen, I thought I was only rappin
But people take this shit serious, ruinin all the magic
Over some shit that I wrote, drunk on a tablet
I'm sorry world, I guess it's just one of my bad habits

Sweet Misery, your company is killin me
You got me wonderin who will it be
When where or why I'll die
Miss Misery, do I deserve the pain
or can I really be, happy in this game
or is it fantasy, or should I even bother to try

[Madd Kapp]
Ladies and gentlemen, you heard this befo'
Every problem that ever came from child support
My little girl gettin told I'm an asshole
How can I be when I don't get to see her though
There's Miss Misery to come to my aid
(Everything is gonna be okay) But I drank too much today
And now I know the pain that Eminem felt
Family problems make me wanna tie a knot in my belt
Even my friends actin like they don't know me
I haven't changed, you better check yourself out homey
Cause I'm just sick of all the rumors and lies
You don't think I give a shit then take a look in my eyes
Everytime that we argue, it's like a part of my heart dies
It's like I'm cursed with emotions, senses on high
Deep down in the soul I wonder why
all this shit happens to me and not the other guy


[Madd Kapp]
Goodness gracious, I'm hunted by haters
Locked in my studio and it just ain't spacious
Feelin claustrophobic, I'm encased in a tomb
I'm surrounded by my demons in this makeshift room
I can hear the angels, but I'm still in the dark
And I don't ask for much Lord cause you done made my heart
It's not a game, you know I really mean these words
I'm kind of bitter, brokenhearted from the shit that I heard
With the he-say she-say shit ain't accurate
Passed down from the mouth with the stench of flatulence
Ass gas, just to annoy the Madd Kapp
But fuck that, and don't ever think I won't bomb back
I'm a surgeon, who dictates words and keeps lurkin
in the shadows, and laugh off all lyrical virgins
And I urk 'em, and piss 'em all off to stay workin
Then I murk 'em just to bring 'em to dirt and fuckin hurt 'em