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Artist: Madd Kapp
Album:  Less Than Zero
Song:   III
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Madd Kapp]
They say it all happens in 3's
So you can take these 3 verses, take caution and freeze
I got 3 rules, never disrespect my work
Never hate and keep my focus trained on my thirst
I got 3 personalities and this one's Kapp
One's Kenny Sane, the other's unknown on the map
I got 3 letters sent from the friend of the cunt
They send about 3 to the crib, every month
I'm barred out of 3 bars down the street where I live
3 more out in the burbs from some shit that I did
3 undercover officers who thinkin I'm sellin
Tryin to get me 3 felonies, 3 people tellin
3 guns and 3 soldiers put an end to the yellin
False witnesses don't get shit, but 3 in the melon
Laid out for 3 days, 3 mile procession
3 hours for the service, 3 days to forget him
3 different agencies look for me, they suspectin
3 scenarios, a lot of questions
3 loopholes and 3 lessons

Last fuckin month there's 3 weddings, 3 funerals
3 new enemies plottin what to do to you
3 more bitches puttin you in harm's way
3 new crack spots on your block gettin paid
3 motherfuckers gettin shot that you know
There's 3 motherfuckers duckin you for what they owe
And 3 hail marys never seems to get it done
For them 3 cold killers livin life on the run

[Madd Kapp]
3 pages full of words, 3 minutes of platinum
made 3 million kids pick up a mic and start rappin
Got 3 million parents turnin into activists
Got 3 million more to picket this rap shit
My dick in bars make 3-some bitch skeet skeet skeet
There's 3 more white rappers in line behind me
At a table for 3, havin a seance
with John Wayne, Elvis and me, puffin a 3 foot bong
With 3 hoses, and 3 hoes in the room
All free, they all rollin
Got 3 members in the Hustler's I-N-C
We dropped two underground in 2003
But album 3 made ways, 3 different DJ's
Arryzyx, Omar and the Turntable Bully
3 new fans every ten square feet
And there's 3 out of 10 that won't admit it, see
the 3 haters in they air tell 'em Kapp ain't shit
But 3 fans hit 'em up and left the 3 in a ditch~!


[Madd Kapp]
Verse 3, welcome to the 3 and a third
The third track, let me sum it up in 3 words
Passion, gangster and nerves
3 more words, is life, respect, and curse
If I gave 3 more then the track'd lose shape
How many things can I say with 3 - 3 takes
is how long it took
To gather 3 personalities to put in the book
My daughter's name's Trinity, and that means 3
And it's been 3 months since I even seen her G
3 minutes for the tears that dropped
Here's 3 more reasons that I stay on top
Dedication, and free will, and love for hip-hop
I got 3 eyes, my chakra rocks your boombox
With 3 taps, snare, bass drum and hi-hats
The boom bap on target like I'm bustin 3 gats
I'm out of here at 3 o'clock, I got some shit to do
Plus there's 3 motherfuckers waitin to get in the booth