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Artist: Magnolia Shorty f/ B.G., Juvenile
Album:  Monkey on the Dick
Song:   Magnolia Shorty
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[Ominous Voice]

Magnolia  SHORTY!!!!
Magnolia  SHORTY!!!!
Magnolia SHORTY!!!

First Verse [Juvenile]:

Betrayal, for the decline in drug sales,
War over turf here will cause more drama than Waco,
That's why I lay low, and try to improvise on all your weak spots,
See what the street got,
For me maybe two cheap glocks,
For free, Benjamin Franklin, currency,
Is used to pay bills and insurance to bury me,
I'm magna to carta player haters don't bother me,
Y'all oughtta be, rollin' shipments instead of quarter ki's,
It was told to me,
Ca$h Money connect from overseas,
Two tons of white ones and maybe,
But then they might come so I'ma,
Take preparation,
Pick out a proper, stash location,
Fill it with choppers and watch them,
Narcotic cases, undercovers investigatin',
Yo Russ, where the man with the dope?  I'm startin' to get impatient,
Two days blew by, our package arrived,
Followed by, a call from the boss for me to do a homicide

Second Verse [Magnolia Shorty & B.G.]:

[Magnolia Shorty]

Chillin' in my hood, while you know it's all good,
Camoflauged down to the socks with some soldier reeboks,
I got's to play it like that, cuz I'm a soldier for real,
I told you once I was a soldier, bitch you bout to get killed,
That's the deal for '96, cuz you know we ain't playin',
Go and run and panic now you better throw up your hands,
And if you stunt, you know I'll catch you, know what I mean?


Slip on them chucks in the cut...

[Magnolia Shorty]

At that C.Y.C.
Magnolia soldier, don't you doubt it, I thought you knew we bout it,
A bunch of bout it muthafuckas, smoke weed and get, out it,
Throw your head up stand tall, and stand big and fuckin' loaded,
I'ma represent where I'm from, the home of the soldiers

Third Verse [B.G.]

B.G. off the top bout drama,
And I'ma, duct tape a nigga Mama,
Forgot her, 
Cuz I, be off in the World gat tore,
G's I'm bout 4, S.K. clips I unload,
I'm floatin' all through that U.P.T.,
Represent V.L. street slangin' heat, you weak,
A T-shirt with your face on it,
I find out where your set at, I run up on it,
Meet us outside, you know that's All On U,
They all die ain't no stuntin', do what I gotta do,
Game tight when I write, write get a nigga hype,
Niggas buckin' through the crowd, startin' a war fight,
Pop, pop clear the block,
Your glocks ain't cocked,
I make the spot hot, jump out and straight chop,
Respect the young nigga, get plum dumb nigga,
Shots comin' from drums, nigga who want beef with me?
If you want beef, then brang it,
I don't just sang it, gunshots be rangin',
Money and bitches, houses and fly cars,
Rottweilers in the yard, also security guards,
Big money heavyweight, got ki's and G's,
Got cake for days, give it to the B.G.'z,
I keep it real this life, a straight muthafuckin' solja
We puttin' tons of coke in the Magnolia

[Ominous Voice]

Magnolia SHORTY!!!
SHORTY!!!  (6x)
Mac Melph Calio for life