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Artist: Makeba Mooncycle f/ Armel
Album:  Throwback Classics
Song:   Academy Award MC's
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Makeba Mooncycle]
I kill the mice... crush the clock...
Snatch Pandora's box, grab the second wind
Through her chest, ran the S inside her neck
Show 'nuff I be the best...

[Makeba Mooncycle]
It's me that you need, blowing through your town
At the speed of a sneeze, there's nobody
I rock the party, call me the sure shotty, you don't rock me
I shock thee, Sunz of Man be my body
Like the, verm in your perm, I spread like a germ
I'm your chocolate baby, driving MC's crazy
Watch me execute a classic with no ruckus or no static
Blackness, be the baddest, you had it then I grabbed it

[Chorus 2X: Makeba Mooncycle]
Hit it taking, you better off faking
Come down stop shaking, Makeba steady breaking (MC!)

[Interlude: Armel]
Yo, man, gots to cop this
Stay ripping yo, yo, I'm telling you
Yo, when I heard it, man, I'm telling you
It's on, ripping all female MC's
You feeling ya? Listen though, to this right here
Yo, she off the hook, yo

[Makeba Mooncycle]
Here come a clipse, like abyss to bottom myst
I'm in that ass, taking over this craft
Like trees to molass, I'm sticky and move fast
Versace made you tricks, rhyming about outfits
Like a junkie needs a fix, suicide to slip this
Out there throwing fits, and you ask who is this
Running, up through your click like the Chinatown kid
With one life to live, can't forget, but forgive
It's taking me too long to get in to this biz
I'm not playing with kids, I'm raising nations


[Interlude: Armel]
Yo, see what I'm saying, man, see what I'm saying?
Yo, she dope yo, she got me open, I'm telling you
Her style is so tight

[Makeba Mooncycle]
Makeba is the best, number one mic controller
Sun absorber, life holder of a future soldier
Erased from your memories, powers and degrees
The truth knocks you in your face, your mind down in grace
That's just a taste, immortality is where I rest, partial is my crest
Written on my chest, the rhyme innovator
Sticks and stones I break ya, here's a lesson
Before dying, send that ass home crying
Test me if I'm lying...

[Chorus 4X]

[Outro: Armel (Makeba Mooncycle)]
Yo, you hear that? Yo.. is the bomb
What's wrong with yall, yo, seriously
She wrecking all things that's coming out, yo
She is real real real raw, straight snatching it
Son, I'm telling you, it's over
(This goes out to all you Academy Award mc's, uh-huh
I'm snatching crowns, snatching mics, you better get out of my sight)