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Artist: Makeba Mooncycle
Album:  Throwback Classics
Song:   Desert Storm
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Makeba Mooncycle]
Oh God, why the streets like a war zone
And why are little babies left to fend all alone
We shouldn't have to wear, a bulletproof vest
Oh God, why is everybody put to the test

[Makeba Mooncycle]
Oh life's a bitch and a bowl of grits
Crime doesn't pay, but it beats this shit
Thinking on your life, and how it all went wrong
On the straight path, but now the path is gone
Looking for a light to lead you, mom and dad
Swore the'll never leave you
Knowing in your heart that they might deceive you
Oh Lordy, Lordy, why I never feel you
Pops ain't around when the time is short
And momma's dragging us through family court
I got no time, for reminiscing
Slum is not full, cuz your food is missing
Got to keep that mind straight on this mission
So what you dishing, reality's plain
Here's the definition to the word insane
Who causes hunger, effects, starts your robbing
Not equal to, so you stopped your thriving
This is how it is...

[Chorus 1.5X]

[Hook 1.5Xw/ Chorus: Makeba Mooncycle]
Desert storm..
Just like Desert Storm...

[Makeba Mooncyle]
They say praise the lord, and to God I should trust
Things ain't the same and I feel out of touch
Three steps back with one step up
Cuz things go wrong and I feel so stuck
I got to keep climbing, I got to keep striving
A positive outlook, made me hit the road
Cuz so many stories were left untold
The sea heard of, was I predicted
When is all this pain gonna be lifted
I think I'm going crazy, out of my mind
Things ain't been right, since we left the sure lines
Cops been harassing, sons and daughters passing
Money kept in stashes, as the church play passes
Can't tell me, what to believe, this world is full of enemies
I hit straight like, cupid, now ya
Stuck on stupid, I come back like 360

[Chorus 2X w/ Hook 2X]

[Makeba Mooncycle]
It takes years of oppression, turn it into flows of aggression
My impression's from sunlight reflecton
Detection, your weakness, sick woman's fetus
Protection I'm giving, so we can live in
Free me from the weakness of the heart
Stay inside my character, like peace to a part
Conduction is a function, put together like a union
Confusions, what we get out of American institutions
I'm young and truth equals learning
The false hood started with the burnings illusions
Seeing something, that's not really nothing
Like wack MC's speaking on they own destruction
Stop your bluffing my man, it's time to take a stand
Distortion, let's make things clear, the statics
Reaction from the fear...

[Chorus 2X w/ Hook 2X]