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Artist: Makeba Mooncycle
Album:  Throwback Classics
Song:   Rollin'
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Makeba Mooncycle]
Watch your step...

[Chorus: Makeba Mooncycle]
Rollin' down the street, you might be macking
Watch out for the shorty who be packing
In his mind, he knows your pockets stacking
But you got shook and your goods got took

[Makeba Mooncycle]
Little Boy Blue went to blow his horn
Cuz in the streets we roll deep and your life may be gone
Scheming and creeping, living it up between the sheets and
Nobody's mine cuz my crew is like a riot squad
The Sunz are holding, your life you better guard
Cuz Population Click's within my mist
I must maintain, cuz there are no tactics, forever gonna change
Dressed in the latest, taylor made means the greatest
He gave Versace half his money, while Donna stunts his money
And while success succeded, true friends were deleted
Which forces enemies to go all out for his cheese
Nothing is fair in love or in war
Someone is forever settling scores, beware of mysteries
Nothing's hard to believe, welcome to the land of profit and pain
We'd all play the game if the stakes were the same

[Chorus 2X]

[Makeba Mooncycle]
Freshly jig on the scene, pockets stacked with cream
Girls find me irrestible, untouchable and even invincible
You can't ignore me, I got your card, I know your whole story
Made suckas like Kirby, they're only worthy
To hold my derby, walking down the boulevard
Like he's hard, and that charter can't get that ass robbed
All eyes are on me, cuz I'm fly as can be
What, what, so what you gonna do?
He said raise your hand in the air and run your loot
You were peeping my stee, now you robbing me
All this gone in a second, doesn't take another lesson
Lost myself in my selections, to this no good adolescenet
Crystal, can't help me now
Don't have no coke with no smile
Took me this long to find my self
Alone without my wealth, so please don't take my life
I wish to live through the night

[Chorus 2X]

[Makeba Mooncyle]
I've been watching you G, I know your movements to a T
You're pretty free with your cream
Macking all the chicks on the scene, this is no dream
Yes I'm robbing you clean, try to catch you in that Lex
Change my mind to the Rolex, it's never what I mean
Only what I have to do, I need to get some cash
So I'm picking on you, Versace don't got me
So I'm taking it off your body
Don't even move a muscle, you shouldn't try to stop me
Yes I want it, you got it, so I'm taking it out your pocket
Times are hard, and we're in the last days
I don't want to bore you, so just give up those shades
Family matters, wont make that face shatter
My family has a need, and it builds up my greed
Can't afford what they giving, so up with your salary
Beware of all mysteries, I end all discrempecies

[Chorus 3X]

[Outro: Makeba Mooncycle]
Yeah, we be rollin', we be macking
Packing, stacking, you got shook and your goods got took