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Artist: Malcolm and Martin
Album:  Life Doesn't Frighten Me...
Song:   Against the Wall
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

(Just think that I'm a young dude)
(My whole life is almost gone)
(Well well well)
(They got my back against the wall)
(They got my back against the wall)
(They got my back against the wall)
(I keep my back against the wall)

[ Styliztik Jones ]
They got my back against the wall between a rock and a hard place
Nothin but the hard way, another police car chase
Give my mama heartache when I partake with my partners
No one got my back so I just gotta be precautious
Stress got me sick to the stomach, I'm nauseous
Might spill my guts in a unemployment office
Homies offer work, all I gotta do is flip it
Cook it in the kitchen in my mama's good dishes
Officers search, I be lost in the system
Can't be waitin round for no government assistance
Interviews, resumes, I been so persistent
Preacher in my ear sayin stay away from prison
Evil in my other tellin me to get a pistol
Man I got some issues, really that's sick
Cause this predicament is somethin that I can't predict
Cause my back gettin bruised by a wall full of bricks

(Back against the wall)
(They got my back against the wall)
(They got my back against the wall)
(I keep my back against the wall)

[ KB iMean ]
Hi haters, I'm back against the wall like fly paper
Tryina buy acres, plus lofts in skyscrapers
Just can't do it, my back crackin the dry wall
Just can't take it, the pressure makin my eyes fall
The recession is here, matter fact get a pack
And blow piff in the air, we in the same boat
Uppity folks just snicker and stare
See what I wrote, the enigma is rare
It's hard to see the future cause every time I look it's a glare
It's blindin me, the economy is goin to hell
Honestly I think it's better in jail
At least I be with the rebel doin federal, no possible bail
There's a upside to everything, pros and the cons
Comin in with a head of steam, my soul's divine
And ready for the outcome, we are Martin and Malcolm
The burdens on my back weigh much more than a mountain

[ Styliztik Jones ]
Thank God I got a backbone to keep me strong
When it's stormin in my life and them nights are wrong
Them days are long gone from a baby at home
I'm out here alone cause I'm out on my own
My brother wrote a letter with the fax and I wrote him right (back)
Told him 'bout my plans to get a dope sack
It's that or the service, I can't be a servant
I'm havin backspasms and that shit's disturbing
[ KB iMean ]
Yeah, back on the block, I know my boys keep it real
(They got my back)
In fact, I never worry 'bout a knife in my (back)
It's clear the top is closer than the bottom
When the toast rise with no sunshine, then it's a problem
I got so much pain in my heart, I remain at the start
And can't finish, I'm just playin my part
It's gotta be the thrill of the chase, or maybe it ain't
I'm back like I never left, now my back's in a brace