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Artist: Malcolm and Martin
Album:  Life Doesn't Frighten Me...
Song:   Bamboozled
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

(You been had
You been took
You been hoodwinked
Bamboozled) --> Denzel Washington in 'Malcolm X'

[ Styliztik Jones ]
Everybody in the hood, but the hood got hoodwinked
So really how hoodlum can one hood think?
Good thing we not floatin cause the hood will sink
Think I reached the brink of seein rappers in pink
No minks and furs, just think superb
And we can have all the good things that we deserve
But first let's converse what I don't condone
You clones in the ghetto and your mind is gone
Even got little kids singing diamond songs
And the minstrel beat what you rhymin on
Help the victims of the system, go and find a home
Instead of another video with diamonds on
Conflict ice and all of your objects
When your mama still livin in the same project
Stop it you Sambo, you thinkin like a nigga do
And all they gon' say is, "Look at that jiggaboo"

This is our music
Look at how we do it
It ain't nothin new to us
They takin our music
Makin it useless
They can't bamboozle us

[ KB iMean ]
Nowadays kids rock bandanas to show they gangs
Red or blue, necks turn gray from the chain
They changin my whole outlook, hurricanes flood houses
And niggas wonder how the diamonds in they mouth look
My mentality is off the hook in a chart
Our generation should read more and think smart
The art is official, pistols get pulled
Out over small issues like steppin on your fresh shoes
Is that a reason to lose life?
It's hard to swallow like when you threw food down the wrong pipe
I'm aight with the mic stand, fist clenched right hand
But everybody's song got a new dance
New fad, new car to cop
I gotta look in the past for my jaw to drop
So while the New Edition is dancin and jiggin
We look like fools, they laughin and gigglin