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Artist: Malcolm and Martin
Album:  Life Doesn't Frighten Me...
Song:   Win Or Lose
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

(There's two kinds of people in this world
There's winners and there's losers
You know what the difference is?
Winners don't give up
So what are we here?
Are we winners or are we losers?)

[ KB iMean ]
(Somebody's gotta win)
Cause ain't no prize for second place
In this race for the top spot
Y'all know that
(Somebody's gotta lose)
And I'll be damend if that's me
I work too hard, it's destined for me to succeed
I'm at a loss for words reitratin my worth
In the winner's circle where all of the winners converse
Havin championship dreams with Olajuwon and Kareem
In the center of the circle where the winner is king
We gotta (win)
[ Styliztik Jones ]
Because life is sports
And you win when you're old since life is short
You can win John Madden, but it don't really matter
In a world full of madness where the refs got badges
Throwin up flags at who they think the baddest is
It don't really matter what your status is
(Somebody's gotta lose)
When you ball like Wimbledon
Knowin that you're guilty but you're playin innocent
(Somebody's got to play the fool)

[ Styliztik Jones ]
(Somebody's gotta win)
Cause you can't be second
Every second of the day you get tested
(Somebody's gotta lose)
Only thing I'm losin is time
And I just hope that I ain't losin my mind
You wanna be a champion and the chances slim
No ( ? ) outstandin have advantages win
You got a heart like Mutombo, you feel 7'10"
So competitive every day in the gym
Just to (win)

[ KB iMean ]
Because we all got goals
And they can be taken from you cause we all got tools
I can't lose with a veteran spleen
And the backbone of a gladiator, let the caliber sing
We be winnin on the block, but when time pass
I fall back, we losin all the time, cause
(Somebody's gotta lose)
And I can't shake the aggression
The peer pressure got me, winnin my life lesson
(Somebody's got to play the fool)

[ Styliztik Jones ]
(Somebody's gotta win)
Win the lottery, you can win in Vegas
Win on the slotmachines, now you got some paper
Use it, don't abuse it or you lose it
And when you lose ain't no love for the losers
[ KB iMean ]
(Somebody's gotta win)
Win the lottery, you can win in Vegas
You can hit the slotmachine, now you got some paper
But use it, don't abuse it or you lose it
And if you lose ain't no love for the losers

[ Styliztik Jones ]
(Somebody's gotta win)
Dominos or the dunk contest
Winter, summer, spring, fall, know you done your best
You can't (lose)
[ KB iMean ]
Lose the play-offs, get laid off
Lose respect, now who's your boss?
So it's better if you (win)
[ Styliztik Jones ]
The respect from your peers
Practice make perfect and the rest will appear
They'll (lose)
[ KB iMean ]
Lose a brawl, who you gonna call?
Life's hard cause you could even lose it all

(It ain't about how hard you hit
It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward
How much you can take and keep moving forward
That's how winning is done!
Now if you know what you're worth, now go out and get what you're worth
But you gotta be willing to take the hits
And not pointing fingers and say you ain't what you wanna be because of him or her or anybody)