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Artist: Malik Ferraud
Album:  MalikFerraudMondays
Song:   I Wish
Typed by: @MalikFerraud dot com

I wish I had alot of money {money}
I wish I had alot of women {women}
I wish that wasn't a typical rappers ima-a-age
I wish that people would really listen
I wish that this life we live in, was for the free and not the richest
I wish I had no spending limit, I wish that there were no tickets
I wish that cops were apprehended 
Or even better yet non existent for the shit they make us deal with
I wish the government would pay attention
I wish for politics to make a difference
I wish the media would tell us real news, and not what the fuck is trending
I wish that we could find out who shot pac and big, it's about time my nigga
I wish that I could be anything I wanna be and travel over seas
I wish I had financial security for my family
I wish I didn't have to rely on this dream
I wish I could see better days, I wish for a lot of things
I wish it all, was as easy as it seems...

{Hook 1:11}
I wish they co-o-ould understa-a-and
I wish they co-o-ould understa-a-and
Bu-u-ut, I kno-o-o-ow/
Nothing is the way it should be
Man this shit is cool but, it aint what it seems