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Artist: M.anifest
Album:  Manifestations
Song:   eMcee PSA
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You know a lot of people complainin'
About, you know, rappin' ain't sellin'
That's cuz y'all are wack
So step your game up . . .

This one here is a PSA
To MCs worldwide and in the USA
Sharpen your swords
On your mark, get set, record

French Connect


Stop with the bickering
Time for some listening
Let's keep it rollin' 
Like them tires by Michelin
On some new shenanigans
I'm back in the lab again
‘Bout to get more green than a heineken
They panicking, pondering, wondering Why I'm traffickin'
Why you meddlin'
So cold, I'm dope flow peddlin'
Yeah he's a veteran
In the art of lyrical fencing
He's a better man
If you flow sick, I got the medicine
Rhyme overlord over board
When I jettison
Check for him
Lyrical weight champion
I got the title
Kinda like Obama
An African but soon to be American Idol
So old school like I'm vinyl
Taking you back like Doggystyle
All night long like Lionel
MVP of the Finals
Dwayne Wade, MJ, Dr. J back in the day
I spit so vividly
The illest delivery
Took a C-Section to deliver me
Now I'm a rhyme demon
Only Jesus can deliver me
Kinda like Braille
‘cause I know all you are feelin' me


Ain't about a ring bling or things
Ain't about cars and clothes
Gettin' low to touch your toes
I could give a fuck about how many niggas you shot
But when you drop a 16 it
Better be mean and hot 
Better rep your block
Be creative
Be innovative
Hungry and ready to rock the spot
Immaculate spoken by M.Dot
You can ask Mims
This is why, This is why I'm hot
So real keep your eyes peeled
Sharpen your skill
Remember that words can kill
At the same time 
The same rhyme can get you a deal
And If a penny for my thoughts still applies
Give me a mil for thinkin' this fly
This goes out to the true MCs
That flow for the people not the industry
For those in the streets
That clap only if you ride a beat
If you write a beat
Rep for the true and the [funk]
This goes out to the true MCs
Not the one-hit wonders
But the true MCs
Not computer thugs on MySpace
But lyrical heavyweights with legitimate fan base


M.anifest M.anifest
French Connect

True MCs
French Connection African Connection
And we out

[Congra drums and Wattstax samples]
Freedom is a road seldom traveled by the multitude