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Artist: Marc Mac f/ Phonte
Album:  In Between The Lines
Song:   Take a Trip
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"The best time of our lives"

[Intro] [Phonte talking]
So ah, my flight get in about seven o'clock
And I don't wanna wait for nothin'. I just want you to be out there
I've been everywhere and ain't nothin' like home girl I swear
Now what I'm sayin'?

[Chorus] [Phonte singing]
Take a trip, take a drive
Take a flight through the skies
Take to the seas on a cruise
Take a breath, take your time
Baby we got tonight
And I just want to spend it with you

[Verse One] [Phonte]
Hey, this song's sickness is worse than I heard it would be
But you ain't heard it from me
A sunny day, drop down in a convertible Z
That's what I need so permanently 
But now I'm finally home and on to you
I'm in terminal C
Me on the roadside posted up
Shit, I ain't even got no baggage to claim
A month from the crib, you can't imagine the pain
Of not kissin' you
Been missin' you/U like Fabolous name
Another moment that's as pure as this one
Give in to the longing, it's pure submission
Tell, all your friends, "Don't call tonight."
"Hey hoes, I got a life, y'all be sure to get one."
Do I wanna hit the club?
Oh contrar  
Just get me to the crib girl we almost there
It's moments like this that are oh so rare
Shit I ain't even got to go nowhere
Take a chill with ya


[Verse Two] [Phonte]
Yeah, rollin' down the freeway, hand on your thigh
And there's nothing better than
Watchin' the sunset on the city of medicine
Doin' about 80 down the 1-47 and
It's only twenty minutes till we doin' the damn thing
Get to the crib, pour some Evelyn champagne
King of the castle, you the queen of my campaign
Go freshen up cause tonight's the night
Use our time wisely, that's the spice of life
And that's just how we do it every time that I fly in
Good food, conversation, just vibin'
Turn off the e-mails and the IM's
Cause I am enjoying the place that I'm in
Go to the club?
Oh contrar
We at my front door girl, the crib's right there
It's moments like this that are oh so rare
Shit we got everything we need right here


[Outro] [Phonte]
Awe yeah, awe yeah, smooth it out now
(Let's ride)
It's Phontigga with my man Marc Mac on the track
Smooth me out now
(Let's ride)
C'mon, say one more time, now brother won't you say it again
One time now
(Let's ride)
I'ma get all this money, I'ma come on home
You know what I'm gonna do girl?
(Spend it with you)
Ha ha, I can't spend it all with you, but I'll give you a little bit
Ha ha. Know what I'm sayin'?