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Artist: Masta Ace & Edo G f/ KRS-One
Album:  Arts and Entertainment
Song:   Pass the Mic
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[Intro: KRS-One]
Yeah! Word up! It's a honor to be here today, amongst legends, word up!
Real dudes! Let's get it in! Let's GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

[Verse One: KRS-One]
KRS keeps raisin sons and daughters, still blazin one in the corner
Unafraid with amazin lungs I slaughter
Y'all talkin that shit, BOOM BAP BOOM!!!! You a goner
Your DJ's aight but JS-1 is much stronger
Your MCin aight but I can go much longer
When you was here I was here when you not here I'll be here
Masta Ace GET IN HERE!!!!! 

[Verse Two: Masta Ace]
YEAH! Let me explain what you rap faggots is in for
Heavy metal and Ed O, gimme the chin for
I'm not sure but what you holdin the pen for?
Battlin ain't new, since the beginnin it's been war
Y'all rappers know what it is, when it comes to the spittin biz
Since y'all was sittin +Pickin your Boogers+ I was gettin +Biz+
Now it's all these different kids, itchin to bust
Listen to us, listen to them, tell me what the difference is

[Verse Three: Edo G]
Yo! A beast that shows a beast that's tourin
First man in space, like Yuri Gagarin
Surely determined, dirnk my beans without hurlin
Like a German from Berlin pissin on rappers with my drunk urine
Head knock, size spurlin
Dudes start trippin, we take 'em on a whirlwind
Put in work, never show you that we lazy
Don't tell me you pregnant, trick show me the baby, Let's Go!!!!

[Chorus: DJ JS-1 scratching]
"Pass the mic" <- Masta Ace
"Pa-p-p-p-p, pass the mic"

[Verse Four: Masta Ace]
It's Ace, Ed and Kris, this is some combination
We got it on lock like Barack got the nomination
It's the way of life, this is not just an occupation
Every album y'all drop sound a lot like a compilation
Your life's on the line like an operation, with complications 
We don't call these verses, these are conversations
Between us and the whole congregation
I mean, every cat that EVER tried to rap, the whole rhymin nation

[Verse Five: Edo G] (KRS)
Most of these faulty rappers bound to fail
Not Edo, I'm a alpha male
You tell the story, but you only yellin half the tale
Got a wife, I ain't after tail
Think different on a larger scale
Any shark-infested waters, I'm a killer whale
(BO BO BO BO!) That set sail on land, I already laid the trail
We ain't afraid to dream
Ace, Edo, (LOOK) and Knowledge Reign Supreme

[Verse Six: KRS-One]
EVERY man and wife, dey knuh how we do it (HEY!!!)
Twenty years in the bih'ness, stayin physically fit (HEY!!!)
BLAZE up the chalice, now we owt to see it lit (HEY!!!)
Time fuh the T'Cha now to spit now, click pow think quick now
You rappers are quick dead
'Cause most of y'all pussy, the rest of y'all dickheads
I'm not amazed with a chick's legs
I'm more concerned if our kids' fed - NUFF!

[Chorus: DJ JS-1 scratching]
"Pass, t-the mic, the mic"
"t-the mic -- the mic" <- Masta Ace
"Pa-p-p-p-p, pass - pass, pass, pass"
"The-the-the mic"
{*music fades as DJ JS-1 continues scratching*}