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Artist: Master Fuol
Album:  Brownsville Kid
Song:   Rap Epidemic
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Chorus: Master Fuol]
I came here to tell the world, guess who I am?
Master Fuol, man, I wall pack your chicken, let me tell ya
A maze in the place to hide from the live
Will ??? in your eye, cus I'm Master Fuol
I spit flows out my mouth to dry

[Master Fuol]
The black Ku Klux, fools rush when chicks cluck past me
Still love me, even though I'm filthy and nasty
Drink with ???, smoke blunts from the ashtray
My ??? has no limit, lyrically serving a rap epidemic
Still I steal the ??? from the clinic
Take your gold and get it, cook your meet with the spinach
Use the skin to make ?baby suits and ghost women?
In the cesspool, you wanna test Fuol, God bless you
Spit squad when we address you
Born a rebel, menace to society
Flow variety, raw, but you won't hire me
Momma getting tired cus I'm unemployed
Tried the suit and tie, application forward
Named my cutie pie, smoking boom bonic
Play the demonic toys
We don't make love, we make noise
And babies, crazy hyper active, slightly distracted
Can'tt really fade it, my animated tactics
The straight jacket couldn't hold me back
I'm the same patient they found in the train station
Biting heads off the rats, layed on the tracks
Got electrocuted, drinking vodka
The polluted, undisputed featherweight spit boxer