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Artist: Master Fuol f/ Uncle Pete
Album:  Brownsville Kid
Song:   Yolanda
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Chorus: Uncle Pete]
You're gonna need me oh baby, ol lady
You're gonna need me baby, ol lady
You hypnotized me lady
You're the air that I need, lady
You're eeeeeverything to meeeeeee

[Master Fuol]
Girl you want me to maintain?
You know the most important sex organ is the brain
Able to translate designs to actions, now you find passion
On a high lust day, twenty minutes of foreplay
Felt the ice melt, water dropping
Black lace lingerie, garter belt, dime stockings
Now I'm dockin, boot knockin, rockin the boat, tip it over
Sex all night, muscles tight, sober rover
Full contact from the back
Make you climax in an act of love making
Kissing, penetrating
Stimulating your clitoris with my icicle pickle
I know this ??? will tickel, grab my teeth across your nipple
We can smoke, joke, and laugh
Feel the wrath of the back draft in the bubble bath, uh
Water glisten like glass, beat yo back out
On time for the road, kiss you, watch you crash


[Hook: Uncle Pete (Master Fuol)]
Your lips, your lips are sooo tendeeeerr
(And when you wrap your arms around me
Like I'm in heaven)

[Master Fuol]
Is you is or is you ain't my baby?
Crazy lady, three eighty under the pillow
Hair rougher then prillow (it's a weave!)
No doubt, I still beat yo back out on the couch
Pull the tracks out yo scout
Sheet soakin, head board knockin, rockin like Bon Jovi
Stick a bannana in your tail pipe, ?lil ask your foley? slowly
A no retreat, no surrender ?tenderoni?
Who wanna rob me like pony?
?Newly asked Tony like I'm in bony?
Never smoke Ls in the ?donnie? cuz you hate to be lonely
But oh Yolanda, don't you cry for me
But call me, so we can keep this L and this 40


[Uncle Pete]
Oooooh nooooow, don't you cryyy
And when you wrap your arms around me
Ooh it makes me feel like I'm in heaven

[Master Fuol]
You don't want to come to my crib, cuz where I live
You heard too much ?popped down rounds of kids?
Forty dudes loose like eleven deep
Give shorty duece duece and a pebbles' beach
Oh Yolanda, hold your hand up
Swear to God on the body of your friend, whoa, scared of ya'll
At the party at the gym, you don't waer no drawyers
When you seen me on the dance floor, you grabbed my balls
Ooooow, nobody give head like you
Nobody can do it in the bed like you
Ooow, eat the cat, and run red like too
Oooow, you gon make me bite you
I'm a son of a bitch, I know you loving this shit
Hold me tight baby girl, cuz I'm comin real quick
I don't play no games when it comes to my chicks
Fool the other cats, dog, and I'm runnin this shit

[Chorus (last half)]