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Artist: Mathematics f/ Drama, M-Speed, Streetlife
Album:  Wu-Tang Clan & Friends * UnReleased
Song:   Eggs, Hash & Grits
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Streetlife]
This goes out, to all the girls I fucked before...

Yeah, I smoke weed like rastas in the heat of the night
Getting head under the sheet, shorty blowing me right
You know the science God, bitch deepthroating the mic
Getting head for about an hour though, fucking in the shower though
Been jail to once, never lost my man power though
Moon a nasty nigga, ask your bird how I knocked it down
Slung the cock around, had the bitch screaming 'stop it now'
Sex is a law when the doors is closed, dick arose
I'm like Snoop Doggy Dogg, I don't love these hoes
I stick and move like a criminal, taking your cash
If a bitch got her period, I fuck in the ass
Booty's better than the pussy, got me nuttin' as fast, what the deal nigga?
Is it real nigga?

[Chorus 2X: Streetlife]
We don't like classy chicks, we like a bitch that suck a ashy dick
And when she done, don't ask for shit
Big ass and tits, new tricks, handcuffs and whips
In the morning, eggs, hash and grits

Yo, I used to be vexed and shit, hate bitches
Niggas I know, thugged out, but straight digging
Niggas like me, jigged out, but ain't getting
Then I said 'alright, ok', the way he's tricking
Then they put me on to the game, ain't straight pimping
Bodies, hoes, licks and shit, they start stripping
Only face fuck them hoes, no fish licking
Only do you kiss them, where you know where their lips been
Never tell them you love 'em, never tell 'em you miss 'em
Have 'em in the kitchen, scrubbing drawers and dishes
Never be too nice to hoes, they won't listen
This what happens when you nice to hoes, pay attention
Had a bad chick, fly like fuck
Quick to brag about her, quick to big her up
When chilling at her house, niggas grilling me for what
Just to throw it in they face, I stay feeling on her butt
Slob the chick down, start holding hands and stuff
So my man Street put me on, "Yo, Drama, yo what up?"
I know you think she wifey, but you dealing with a slut
Them niggas that was grilling you, was feeling her with nut
Fuck a bitch, nigga... nigga, fuck a bitch, nigga... what?

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: Drama (girl)]
Aiyo, come over here ma, what's the deal? (What, nigga, what?)
Come on, ma, you know you got love for me (I ain't fucking with you, nigga
I ain't fucking with ya broke niggas) You crazy bitch?
You get a fucking new skirt, don't know how to act
(What, my skirt is fly, I'm a classy bitch)
What? Who lying in ya face (fuck you nigga, fuck you)
Ma, your weave is not even that tight
(Fuck you, I got a man, nigga, I got a man, fuck you, see I'm a classy bitch
Tell one of them broke ass... nigga fuck you, I'm a classy bitch)
Stop lying to yourself, ma
(I'm classy) Yo come over here, man, stop playing, your punk ass...
I'm as broke as your lint in your pockets
(Whatever, fuck you, nigga, I'm a classy bitch)
Just because you pay rent yourself... hehehe...