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Artist: Mathematics f/ Buddah Bless
Album:  Wu-Tang Clan & Friends * UnReleased
Song:   Intro
Typed by: Cno Evil

I think we are all acquinted with The Problem
It's The Solution that we're after ---

Hold the fuck up, not just yet

We can understand the dynamics of the culture that live
You are judging your brothers and sisters by a society that has surpressed
On that judgement, you won't be sent anything

[Buddah Bless]
Aiyo, hundred dollar knots bulging, freshly dipped
On the block posing, smoking, thugged out, block toting
If he mack the most, from the day before
Twenty bags of 'dro, yeah, I'm blazing, yo
I rumble with the federate, from New York to the Jungle of Connecticut
Cellular jack, tell you to crack
Tats on the arms and back, Negro League
A bunch of niggas that's armed with bats for the love of the gizzy
Rated up in the X fever, laying up with the tech nina, nigga, what's hood?
Grandma told me nigga and ain't is not grammar
So I'm always gonna be a nigga, cuz I ain't grammar, bitches, what's good?
A 6 Rule, ten to fifteen, I five and better
Bet that, head crack, let me get that
African month, burn a dutch til his ass is in dust
Turn it up til I blasted and bust
Give a fuck til the day that I die, repppin' the Crooked Letter I
Forever, I'm on shit, like a fly
Reaching out with the Henny, til I fuck a hurl
Screaming middle finger up the world

Damn pig face sons bitches --
Stop, crazy niggas you hanging out with
Always shooting each other and getting shot up by the police
I say what I feel, that's all