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Artist: MC Lars f/ KRS-One
Album:  Lars Attacks!
Song:   The Gospel of Hip-Hop
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

It's always a privilege to spit with Lars
I'm a reality speaker, forget them cars
I'm learnin how to teleport to reach to Mars
When you love this and live this you spit your bars
I spit a quick barrage, switch the odds
before you get burnt by all these lit cigars
I spit because the time is upon us
Prophecy, education, Nostradamus
Are they the future or really far behind us?
Past perceptions tryin to find us and blind us
It's funny especially when Nostradamus
that none of these prophecies saw the Obamas
Life is a stage and it goes through dramas
So rewrite your script and replace your commas
Life is the crown-work, you're the farmer
The seed is the idea - Kris Parker!

Everything's fall-every-everything's falling a
Everything's fall-every-everything's falling apart!
  You can't control me, you can't control me
Everything's falling apart
  You can't control me, you can't control me

[MC Lars]
Born in eighty-two, I voted for Obama
It took ten years but they finally got Osama
Pax Americana goin Seal Team Six (uh-huh)
Time to H.E.A.L. these kids, Kris I know they feel these riffs!
Hip-Hop is the culture, I watch it grow and breathe
The iGeneration knows exactly what it needs
We're keeping our humanity, empowerment through art
Society is changing, evolution starts (you see)
Hip-Hop taught me how to be a man
How to find my voice and love everything I am
Inspired by the youth, their knowledge and their passion
The way they shine the light, like Plato did in Athens
(Teach~!) What this means is that Knowledge Reigns Supreme
Over Nearly Everybody, never give up on your dreams
Clean energy, equality, and a cure for AIDS
It's on us cause we've got it and that's why we keep the faith


{Everything's falling a} The weather's goin crazy
The Earth's magnetic field is gettin wavy, people are feelin more lazy
The future is hazy
In prayer we ask "Is this the end?" and God replies "Maybe!"
The whole system is shaky and unreliable
National debt is astronomical
Poor people find this desirable
Screamin "I've got money" when poverty is undeniable
The corrupt is diabolical, at times even comical
I'm not typical, I'm topical
Poetically philosophical
Today's education is unapplyable
I think with my abdominal, life is phenomenal
You make it all up wit'cha optical
Every moment is optional
That means anything I think in a blink is possible


[MC Lars]
{Everything's falling a} Yo
I'm in a van with my band rockin clubs
Rockin pubs worldwide and I do it for the love cause
I see the light in the eyes of the audience
The elements are heavensent it's awesome and it's obvious
You see - we've been graph writing since the hieroglyphics
Breakin since the dawn of time cause we're so prolific
It's that universal rhythm, griots on a mission
Goin back to Africa with stories they were spittin
Ableton, Serrato, look how far we've come
Before we had computers deejays beat on logs and drums
Humming melodies and lyrics I can hear it in my spirit (true)
Peace to Scott LaRock, cause he helped to engineer it (LEGEND)
Want to spread the message of salvation over 808's
Digital humanities, we candidly deflect the hate
Let's work to heal the planet, hip-hop is the gospel
With KRS the teacher, and MC Lars apostle!!