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Artist: MC Magic f/ Baby Bash, Nichole
Album:  Magic City Pt. II
Song:   So Special *
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* censored before release

[MC Magic]
Come on

Chorus: Nichole
I will give you all I have
Cause what we have is very special
So special
All my nights and all my days
Spend with you cause you're so special
So special

(Verse 1)
(MC Magic in background) {Biggie in background}
[MC Magic] I'm sittin' V.I.P. with my homeboy Biggie {What's up}
           Across the club, it's kind of dark, but I can still see
           This shorty
           Stepped in the room, lookin' super fly
           Since I'm that super guy
           I'm tryin' to make you mine
           She got them apple bottoms
           She got that juicy top
           She got them sexy bubbles
           And I'm tryin' to make it pop
[Biggie]   So won't you tell me little mama what you think
           I gotta do (What you think, girl)
           To make you mine (Uh)
[MC Magic] To make you mine, baby girl, that's my mission
[Biggie]   Come on
[MC Magic] Several positions, we don't need no intermission
[Biggie]   No intermission
           You got me wishin'
[MC Magic] I told you girl, you and I, we'll make it special, tonight

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
[Baby Bash] If I told you once, then I told you twice
            You that spice, in my life
            Hold it down, when I come around
            Cause you know how much I sacrifice
            But it ain't no mystery
            Whenever we're together, it's a victory
            And you know I could never get sick of thee
            Baby girl, just check our history
            And you know
            I'm in the ki
            And I made my choice
            Keep your [{*na na*}] wet and moist
            When I wake up in the morn', stretch and yawn
            First thang I wanna do is hear your voice
[Female]    Good morning, daddy
[Baby Bash] That's the way
            You bless my angel everyday
            I'm the luckiest Mexican, in the state
            Cause you got my back, and we're here to stay
            And we both right where we belong
            So happy in our comfort zone
            I'm never gonna leave your heart alone
            And that's my word, til you know it's on

Refrain: Baby Bash
And that's the truth, high as the roof
Girl, your love is hundred proof

Repeat Refrain

Repeat Chorus