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Artist: MC Paul Barman
Album:  Paullelujah!
Song:   Cock Mobster
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[Verse 1]
Whoever thought Paul Barman would change the game?
I started rhyming when the radio was unbearably lame
Rappaz R. N. Dainja
"Depression is closely followed
By delusions of grandeur." (--Karen Horney)
I think about all the pube I got
While reading the Rubaiyat
And make babies in bunny slippers
With the JBs rockin' the Honey Drippers

"Hey baby, do you know who I am?"
Cock Mobster
It's a porn utopia
A cornucopia of warm fallopia
Cock Mobster
My dandy voice makes the most
Anti-choice granny's panties moist

[Verse 2]
I let my hair air dry thereby getting more hair pie
I want to fire blanks in Tyra Banks
I like shorn quim lasses in horn-rimmed glasses
but Cindy Crawford ...offered
I would keep a tidy room for Heidi Klum
I'm immersed in Kirstie Alley's thirsty valley
I would snore or sleep on Laura Prepon.
Shall I keep on? (Yeah!)
I'd feel the pubis of Mila Kunis
I've seen the trim of Tina M.
I'd crunch Thandie Newton like a candied crouton
And I'll disrobe Lisa Loeb
I want a smelly slice of Kelly Price
Plus get with the hairy scar of Teri Garr
Lisa Bonet: I'd like a piece of your day
I would jizz early inside Liz Hurley


[Verse 3]
I'm a braniac with a veiny sack
resting on the brow of Erika Eleniak (Ooh, wow)
She almost shrank off when I said, "Take your top tank off."
I draw a thousand times better than Robert Mankoff
I'm very p-proprietary with M-M-Mariah Carey
But she wants some silly cut up with Billy Crudup's butt up
I'm the most lonely fella without Toni Isabella
I'm truly the hero of Julie Shapiro
But I'm sure to spill sperm in Laura Silverman
I'm putting taxing long things in Maxine Hong Kingston
which brings in Amy Tan
She said, "Lay me, mon."
Cynthia Ozick takes off her clothes quick and likes exposed brick
I stuck my slim sword in Kim Gordon
Laetitia Casta is easily the boss of ya
Sigourney Weaver has a thrashing horny beaver
I'm having intercourse while listening to Winter Wars
Winona Ryder? Going inside her!
I want to get on the whole width of Anna Nicole Smith
I want Tracy Bingham in a lacey thingum
I made Tahnee Welch punanni felch while her mommy belched