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Artist: MC Ren f/ Bigg Rocc, Chip Dirty, John Doe
Album:  Renincarnated Mixtape/The Maxi Single EP
Song:   In Da Ghetto *
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* Retitled from the original 'Ghetto' on The Maxi Single EP

[Intro/Chorus: MC Ren]
Ain't no love for the niggaz in the ghetto
Shit be fucked up when you live in the ghetto
Come with me; hit some corners in the ghetto (Come on)
It gotta be something much better then the ghetto

[MC Ren]
Y'all know niggaz got it bad
That's why the fuck we wake up mad
I'd swear it's sad; bills piling up, I got laid off
But I gotta let these knuckle-heads know I ain't soft
So get rid of the smiles, learnt to strike
Never will and I try to swing in a fucking gun fight
Police know the homies on the first name bases
So when something happened, they the first ones to chase us

[Bigg Rocc]
I know nothing but the ghetto, born and raised
In the streets of the Hub city, blunts we blase
To ease the kill of mentality
When another motherfucker is trying to test me
I can't turn my back, I'm too down for that
At the young days learnt to work with the strap
Though why all my niggaz locked up!
It's simple, the ghettos was hustling to bust nuts

[Chorus: MC Ren]

[Chip Dirty]
And our comp' full as slum 
But Compton where niggaz are pop one
Nigga you got one then spark one, time is creeping
I'm keeping a fat stack; with crack for the fiends
Sixteen with street dreams, low riders and big creams
Big booties and tag team
John Doe did something, in the four
I'm thinking I'm everlasting but cops are blasting
And locking us up, now shit is getting fucked up

[MC Ren]
They say they still got beef for 'Fuck the Police'
While I'm trying to puff a blunt in the front seat in peace
Please save me from the beasts, my nerves has drained
Villain sick and tired, nigga stained in pain
Should a real nigga complain? - think of the past
I speak for dead slaves; they can kiss my ass
And tell Bush; he can't have my vote
I'm on my third house now, nigga this is cutthroat

[Chorus: MC Ren]

[Bigg Rocc]
But in the ghetto; some niggaz stick together
To get through the bad weather, still chasing cheddar
But haters, do appearing niggaz at sight
I got to act right, to fuck up the nigga's night
We bring back, that Compton West Coast, across the world
Tossing down these little girls
I'm ghetto fine, in the ghetto
I'ma keep it on point nigga like the elbow

[John Doe]
I'm about to give up, I can't do that many years homey
shit, I can't cry that many tears homey
If only I would've thought; maybe I wouldn't talk this case
You should've helped this song work in a first place
But I won't snitch, I helped the bitch
Or maybe I'll; hit the bricks in two thousand and six
Every lava bitch, either locked up or glock down for sure
Nobody gives the fuck about the ghetto

[Chorus: MC Ren X3]