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Artist: MC Ren f/ Bigg Rocc, T-Bone (Da Lench Mob)
Album:  Renincarnated Mixtape
Song:   Deadly
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[Intro: Bigg Rocc]
For my niggaz and my bitches; what's cracking?
It's John Doe in this motherfucker
What's really going on? - I'm all good
We're about to hit you motherfuckers up side the head; with that real gangster
Money hungry, street shit, you know what I'm saying? 
Fuck! y'all, what's up 'Ren?

[Verse One: MC Ren]
We duck and dodge you motherfuckers, attack when we need to
Compton still the shit, still up in your grill
You're getting fucked by a legend, tell how do it feel
As I caress the Mic, shoot my sperm in dice
Y'all can still kiss my ass, ass black as the night
Gay niggaz on the Mic, is all barking no bite
Black Revolutionary, that's my title
While these stupid niggaz wanna be American Idols
I started this gangster shit; and this the motherfucking thanks I get
The whole world ain't shit, my whole catalog, sold Explicit
Niggaz never sold a million just waiting to dis it
John Doe shit, rep it fully
Come through, slap you and your bitch like a bully
New year coming; we're gon to shoot in the air
Cause motherfucking Compton niggaz, we just don't care, nigga

[Chorus: Bigg Rocc]
Gotta get my papers, gotta get my meals
I'ma keep the street, some shit that you feel
No time for that bullshit; that's why I keep the steel
Aim for your grill with intentions to kill

Gotta get my paper, gotta keep my meals
I'ma keep the street, some shit that you feel
No time for that bullshit; that's why I keep the steel
Aim for your grill with intentions to kill, nigga

[Verse Two: Bigg Rocc]
I'm running these streets with no conscience niggaz
The work I mean; is not for honest niggaz
HUH! scary niggaz, paranoiad niggaz
John Doe lend the type, hit bike, stealers
Slang it down, flat like a tyre
Mad at your bosses, we're the niggaz for hire
Hot shit, we make niggaz duck quick
Ain't nothing changes, Compton niggaz still bang
About to take over, cause niggaz slipping
While we're hitting licks, and niggaz stay dipping
Matter of fact; we stay ready for combat
HUH! we let the gats go rat-a-tat-tat
Niggaz scat, bitches stay yelling
They're fucking with some Comp-town felons
News at 11:00 with no clues, we shoot niggaz at their shoes
We beat bikinis motherfuckers like blues


[Verse Three: Bigg Rocc]
They say the money is the root of all evil
I say not legit, Junkie-Ass People
Haters, like to see niggaz starved
Put their bitch up, when you pull their whole card
Corners getting hot in California
Niggaz, return your bitch ass into a donor
I hustle on these streets for meals
Bigg Rocc, John Doe shit that you feel

[Verse Four: T-Bone]
Coming off the barrel, the tip is hollow
One neat on your chest, was this knuckle follow
Looking shady in the day light taking your shit
Split legs, you'll get sprayed up and jaw get hit
Thieved on and your money and it's funny as fuck
When I'm starving and scoped out these sidewalks trucks
Smith and Wesson is loaded, and it talk when I hold it
And it's resting on the ground with that mark I fold it
You know..

[Chorus] - repeat 2X