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Artist: MC Ren f/ Bigg Rocc, Chip Dirty
Album:  Renincarnated Mixtape
Song:   No Get Bacc
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[MC Ren]
Fuck that, here come that nigga called John Doe
We're the shit, make you not fuck your nigga no more
Cut the motherfucking crying, the streets ours
Bump a song with (Bigg Rocc) nigga Fuck some stars
Keep the bitch lit, while my balls grow
The bitch in your ass nigga starting to show
You know what! who give the fuck if white boys can rap?
When I'm running through this alley nigga dropping my strap

[Bigg Rocc]
HUH! nigga named John Doe (Yeah)
Fuck with us you'll get tagged on your toes
Real spit, street niggaz, all pros (HUH!)
Creed criminal-als, down to Dulo
A snitch, love to chat with the Po-Po's
That's a no-no, get smoked like do-do
In a four door; aiming at your toe for sure
About to fuck up your po-pos cause we're loco nigga

[Chorus: MC Ren X2]
One time for your mind, nigga smoke that
Two times on the grind, fool get strapped
Three times strike out us, no get back
All my niggaz in the streets yelling - Fuck that!

[Chip Dirty]
When bomb is lit, the chron' is lit
And you'll be knee deep in some gangster shit
When I spit, you gets fucked up
Who gives the fuck? - Fuck! your name
I'll remain John Doe, shit ain't the same
When I'm claiming it was mine, when I'm aiming this nine
Bitch niggaz rob pounds of bitches for playing time
I'm (All in the game like a ref')
Watch your step, all up in your ass with the tech, nigga

[Bigg Rocc]
(The Ville') My nigga that I hang with 
(Chip Dirty) It's the nigga that I score licks with
Shit is so tight, we make haters stay sick
Bitches riding all on my shit
Back to the niggaz should've leave a fifth
And find them in the alley laying stiff
With a cut off dick
Get the bitch to cops let that nigga slip
They done with his ass and they put him in a casket

[Chorus: MC Ren X2]

[MC Ren]
Niggaz on the West Coast they love to gangbang
White motherfuckers tripping they love to talk slang
Wanna be like us, but that shit won't last
Let the cops whoop their ass, they back to white fast
Ain't no love for the niggaz in the ghetto
They done said fuck all the niggaz in the ghettos
(Chip Dirty) What the fuck you're waiting for?
Nigga pull out your shit and come to fuck this whore

[Chip Dirty]
Nigga, I got a note book full of napalms
Have motherfucker looking for me like I've been low
Outlaw, Joseph Wells got whores for sale
When I spit this hot shit nigga supposed to bail
You must to tail, the shit you see, a bitch you'll be
And you be lying on niggaz habitually, eventually
Not a bitch nigga, Rover made John Doe 
Is putting motherfuckers out the game nigga

[Chorus: MC Ren X6]

Shit don't stop, don't stop, don't stop -------> Thug Life