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Artist: MC Ren f/ Bigg Rocc, Chip Dirty
Album:  Renincarnated Mixtape
Song:   On My Dicc
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[Intro: Quote from a previous record]
Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeaaaah

[Verse One: MC Ren]
UHH! from the days of wayback, before Demo' street-Ass niggaz
Ren; you whores, had to think of a way; to gain a mortality
Plus make money, leave a print getting all the honey
Bullshit Talent Shows got me ready
While my life start to review like Rock Steady
I'm the truth (Nigga) fuck that bitch (UHHA!)
I don't scratch, where I don't hitch (Hell no)
Fuck the clubs, same whores there from '91 (Fuck That!)
I got a bad bitch; don't gotta beg for one
Erase your vocals, find some new shit
Cause ain't nothing new what your ass gon' spit
You're the hardest motherfucking crypt
Nigga you're lying and shit, take this dick don't trip
Known damn where they chase you out the hood
After you can tossed you say you wish they would
We're puffing big green, bitch come flocking
On my motherfucking hotel door; they're knocking
They want some dick, these bitches don't quit
John Doe is the shit, nigga

[Chorus: Bigg Rocc]
We represent that real shit, thug shit
Drag you in the mud shit, hard times for my niggaz so be cold with
Got aim and we so thick
Giving motherfucking base across the world as we drop hits
Niggaz know that they really can't fuck with this
We're the niggaz that your bitch wanna roll with
And we're the pimp niggaz that she wanna stroll with
She's on my dick

[Verse Two: Bigg Rocc]
I don't give the fuck like Mike Tyson
Gangster shit I'm writing, 12 rounds like niggaz fighting
HUH! throwing blows, daze in your dome
By the end of the night, I'll be sitting on your throne
Got six million ways to kill, choose one!
I may hit you with one bullet when I pull it
New to your ass, since started to your ass
Show a way I got my blast, I'm not fucking maggot
You're the one to be, hung with the scary niggaz
It was funny to me, when you squeezed that trigger at me
Tried to earn strikes off a fool like me
I walk upon niggaz, you ain't like me
UHH! and make sure that you dead as the door knob
Yo, bitch niggaz, y'all don't want my job
Trying to fill my shoes, I'm a made killer
Never gave a fuck about a snitch-Ass nigga

[Chorus: Bigg Rocc]

[Verse Three: Chip Dirty]
I feel like giving it up, living it up
Did some gangster cut, blow them wanksters up
Like wakes on, the big whores that shake those
Like a soul shaker, I floss for all my Rump Shakers
Now drop that ass like it's hot
And if you ain't with fucking then you can shake this spizzot
Kick rocks, don't rest hatting for whores man
I ain't no motherfucking pimp with a held plan
I'll tell you, what you can do with all that whoopty whoop
Hold heat but you scared to shoot nigga
If we was in the East I would speak on some mad heats
But nigga we're in the West, Lo-Lo's with mad beat
And switches, which is will make the rider complete 
Nigga, candy blue paint and the triple gold feet
UHH! niggaz know me, it's your nigga Dirty
Spit that Compton shit for my niggaz; you heard me?

[Chorus: Bigg Rocc X2]

[Outro: Bigg Rocc]
Dick, dick, dick
Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeaaaah