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Artist: MC Ren f/ Bigg Rocc
Album:  Renincarnated Mixtape
Song:   Radio
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[Intro: K-R&B radio host DJ]
K-R&B, K-R&B, old R&B, all the time
Hey ahh.. these phone lines are lighting up out here
Uhh.. we're going to take a call, we gotta brother from Compton
Ummm..  he is on Line One, let's take Line One right now
Brother, are you on the phone?

[Bigg Rocc:]  Yeah, I'm on the phone nigga

[K-R&B DJay] Hey brother, watch the language uhh.. 
Also here at uhh.. K-R&B don't you talk with that type of language

[Bigg Rocc:] Man, I can say what the fuck I want to, this is my dime

[K-R&B DJay] OH! OH! okey brother, what's on your mind?

[Bigg Rocc:] Man, I don't like the shit you're putting out 
Rap Music ain't no good, it's degrading...

[K-R&B DJay] Wait a minute brother, wait a minute
I like Rap Music but I like softer Rap Music

[Bigg Rocc:] How the fuck you don't play Rap Music there on your punk ass 
Radio Station, nigga?

[K-R&B DJay] Well brother, brother I play Rap Music
but I only play Smooth Rap Music, you understand what I'm saying?

[Bigg Rocc:] Nigga, what kind of niggaz you, you're a Harvard-ass nigga?
I didn't know they gave out Radio degrees in Harvard nigga

[K-R&B DJay] Brother! you got to tell me? - if you had a degree brother
you probably wouldn't be talking to me that way you're talking to me right now

[Bigg Rocc:] Man, I talk the way I fucking wanna talk

[K-R&B DJay] Here on K-R&B, can we go to a Commercial?

[Bigg Rocc:] Man, Fuck you, Fuck K-R&B, and fuck the whores y'all rode in on.

[Hook: MC Ren]
Radio, Radio, Radio, Radio
Radio, Radio, Radio..

[Verse One: MC Ren]
Man turn from that shit
That bullshit station they need to quit
Put me to sleep; with your whole playlist
If I don't give you a Free Show, you won't play this
If I don't come through and do drop, you won't play this
I hate to say it, these motherfucking programmers nigga they hate us
And these motherfucking DJs think they're platinum
Cause these little stupid young bitches trying to get them
Fuck Radio, and Fuck all these whack niggaz on the Radio
I'm keeping it gutter, lights my blunt and fuck your mother
I'm the Villain, it ain't no other, nigga
Wa-da-da-dang, Wa-da-da-da-dang
Listen to these guy niggaz trying to gangbang
Listen to these white boys thought they talk slang
And they say that we're threats, lock us up in thangs, nigga

[Chorus: Bigg Rocc 2X]                (MC Ren)
Here's a song for the Radio           (Radio)
Gangster shit designed by John Doe    (Radio)
All in your motherfucking stereo      (Radio)
Niggaz kicking that gangster ass Info (Radio)

[Verse Two: Bigg Rocc]
UHH! here's a song for the Radio
John Doe, coming in your stereo
Gangster shit, street theme music
HA! we make niggaz and bitches steady bounce through with it
We give the Fuck! if the next man Rap
Don't bring that soft shit in here, you'll get slapped
We're only playing, that Hardcore shit
Uncut, that makes bitches wanna fuck
No R&B shit, begging for pussy like a Hound
You're the type of nigga Bay bitch cookies
You're young rookie, sucker for love
Hit a few clubs and you think you're a thug
You're a Radio act; at a program's Station
No Cheques, no heavy probation
Bitch nigga; get in line and start waiting
Or do like us, and duck tape the whole Station (HUH!)

[Chorus: Bigg Rocc 2X]

[Verse Three: MC Ren]
Fuck the Radio nigga, fuck the Radio
Too much bullshit get played on the Radio
Fifteen eighty, miss it, dearly
We used to hear motherfucking real niggaz yearly
But today, the shit is wanted down
Niggaz be with fools and clowns, thinking they're down
We made shit Radio can't touch
This is for the niggaz in the streets and such

[Verse Four: Bigg Rocc]
My lyrics be lethal Danny Lover
Make you tell your mother that's a cold motherfucker
Not an undercover brother, my the dick's too big
This Radio Station's not for kids
It's for the hardheads, motherfucking riders
East to the West, to the North, South Siders
For all you hoodrats; good to go
Give the nigga a call on John Doe Radio

[Chorus: Bigg Rocc X6]