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Artist: MC Ren f/ Bigg Rocc, Goldie Loc, Tray Deee
Album:  Renincarnated *
Song:   Real Talk (Bonus Track)
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* this track was only on the cassette version of Renincarnated

[Intro: Tray Deee] 
Yeah, yeah, aiy y'all (What?)
They said they was coming to get us (Who?) 
Ha ha ha ha (where they at?) Come on  (*Gun cocked*)
We stay ready, you niggaz can't fuck with this shit
Ha ha, y'all didn't know me, I mean
We live, eat and breathe, sleeve this gangster shit, nigga (*Gun Cocked*)
And dream that shit

[Verse One: MC Ren]
Who wants, them niggaz that be making niggaz shit all day?
Groopie niggaz be trying to come up, no way
Motherfucking Villain don't play
This ain't no fucking Hip-Hop parade (*Gun cocked*)
We're just some niggaz from the streets
You motherfuckers be talking like Villain won't eat
Look at your bitch, she about to leave you to get to me
Motherfucking Villain with Goldie Loc and Tray Deee (*Gun cocked*)
Deee (*Gun cocked*) Deee  (*Gun cocked*)
We be keeping these bitches up out they distance
Bitch niggaz be staring but they don't want attempt us
Compton niggaz be acting crazy like Eighty Seven
Who the motherfuckers? - we're the motherfuckers (*Gun cocked*)
Take the whole West Coast then shut down the Ruckus
With motherfucking Low-riders, fast bikes and truckers (*Gun Shot*)
I'm the motherfucking Villain, Fuck! these other fools
Can't fuck with this, they got me pissed (*3 Gun Shot*)

[Chorus: Bigg Rocc] 
We're on the East Side, where my niggaz ride
Robberies, homicides, making mamas cry
You say who am I to be talking this?
We're just some gangbang niggaz on that thug shit (*Gun cocked*)
So who you're fucking with? - my nigga Tray Deee
Goldie Loc, my nigga 'Ren about to creep
You finna crap out, I've seen a snake eye
And your fear in your face cause you about to die

[Verse Two: Tray Deee]
I carried in the coast chaos across America
Hardheaded nigga, never carried a Derringer
Hard large caliber, hard to cause a massacre (*Gun cocked*)
Make my heat up pick quick like Abracadabra 
Hit you when the passenger, laughing as we blast at ya
With more storm troopers then the battle starts galactic-a (*Gun Shot*)
Blowing up your subways, stopping up the tunnel
Fuck the microphone, bring your chrome to the rumble  (*Gun cocked*)
Turning up the silver, satin about to get bang out
Bright when we light it, have them put the flames out
Turning out the Award Show snatching your platinum
Better stay up in them Hollywood suites and the mansions (*Gun cocked*)
Have my brain been giving all you niggaz a warning
We stay out in the streets so we gonn' get you regardless (*Gun Shot*)
And ain't no way to run cause we united and stretched
And if you want some real shit, you ride with the west then (*Gun cocked*)

[Chorus: Bigg Rocc]

[Verse Three: Goldie Loc]
Ha ha, speaking my intuition, just listen to my mack sense 
Telling my life story, getting series with this (For real)
I got a problem; would you hate me cum?
And running with this scum and drum
Fill you up with hollow points and get your lungs with the dump (*Gun Cocked*)
We're from the city, where the city gets shitty
Hitting off brand niggaz, get filled up with fifty (*Bullets Sprayed*)
Slugs to the back of your window
Stick to the script, so your ass won't get hit with this (*Gun cocked*)
Somebody stop me cause I'm making too much noise down a one way
Swerving cracked the sun roof, let them hear this .38 (*Gun Shots*)
The streets is getting thicker and sicker 
To be exact my nigga, they want us out to picture (*Gun cocked*)
Live it to the fullest, don't make me expose game
Close up that chapter, and clip off the loose strange (*Gun Shot*)
Bend your back and get brand up in
Take the dick with the Gin, then turn back in the friends (*Gun cocked*)
You fucking bitch nigga

[Chorus: Bigg Rocc]