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Artist: Meek Mill f/ DJ Drama, Rick Ross
Album:  Dreamchasers 3
Song:   Rich Porter
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

{"Maybach Music"}

[Intro: DJ Drama]
Hustlers.. fast cars, fly girls
Big money, and things of that nation

[Chorus: Meek Mill]
Feelin' like I'm Richard Porter, I'm really ballin'
Bad bitches got 'em callin', they really callin'
My Rollie flooded like New Orleans, just like New Orleans
Ain't talkin' money, what you talkin'? Nigga what you talkin'?
My bitch probably wouldn't speak if you ain't talkin' money
Don't even talk to me if you ain't talkin' money
Ain't shit in life for free so we were talkin' money
You hear that sound? I think it's Benji, he talkin' to me

[Meek Mill]
They got me feelin' like Rich Porter, I got them hoes
Sellin' work we got them bricks, and got the most
If he ain't test it that I don't trust him, he pro'lly told
Dimed out your homies, seen them statements, he got exposed
These niggas rattin' and you fuckin' with these pussy niggas
I put these hoes up on the jet and bring that pussy with us
I bring that new thing through yo block, I see you looking nigga
36 up in the pot like what you cookin' nigga?
Fish scale, I love the hustle, I'm 'bout my paper
And I'm fly as Alpo before he drop a statement
I knew I started gettin' money when I got them haters
Boy won't you go and kill yourself and just do God a favor


[Rick Ross]
Double MG with me, hold on...
Don't you see a nigga ballin' like I'm Rayful Edmond? (No snitchin')
My DC shooter Fat Trel hold up that Mac-11 (dem bitches)
Nail me to the cross I swear I'll never testify (never!)
Never will, that Maybach murder got 'em petrified (WHOOOO!)
I'm hard to kill, I'm countin' cake up with my finest bitch (yeah)
Take off her makeup and she still look like a finalist (hahahah)
Top models, pop bottles, catch you bitches slippin' (dum-dum)
Do 'em dirty that top dollar make a major difference (dum-dum!)
I bought another Phantom, cash count that at the dealer (WHOO!)
It took an hour, fast money for us young niggas (WHOO~!)
Can't run around, marble statues in the front and back (Boss)
With no regard for the law, cause all I want is stacks - so fuck em' all (HUH!)