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Artist: (Meek Mill)
Album:  Dreamchasers 3
Song:   Rich Porter Skit
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

{*thunder rolling*}
"You fuckin' with the wrong nigga right now"
"You need to be fuckin' with me man!"
{*car door opens; instrumental plays at the 0:11 mark*}

"A nigga like me man.. I LOVE the game!
I love the hustle man, be feelin' like one of them ball player niggas, you know?
Yeah, you know a nigga got dough, a nigga could leave the league
But if I leave.. is friends still gon' love me man?
I get love out here.. as long as niggas is feelin' it, a nigga like me keep hustlin'
That's my gift to life, you know?"