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Artist: Meek Mill
Album:  Flamers 2.5: The Preview (Mixtape)
Song:   Forever
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

It may not mean nothin to ya'll
I can see it n they faces dat they want me to fall
they like [?] by the rim, shit they don't want me to ball
Cause all dem lil bad bitches I be fuckin em all
I want dis shit forever
Haters tried to take my life n stop my heart but I'm too clever
Kill me never, Haters shine I prosper
they just wanna be me but couldn't see me with binoculars
Rappin ass niggas built for TV need a oscar
N I ain't talkin DeLahoya, but if I was den I'd b Hopkins
Eww first name strongest, last name stronger
Flow so cold listen to it catch pneumonia
Diesel n the air we don't touch the arizona
Diamond studded yellow bright lit lookin like corona
Ahoma the face blue n yellow like Melo
N my chain multi colors lookin like it's frozen jello
Hello, steady eatin money for a meal
Drinkin rosay for a beverage
Let me get some leverage
When I was locked down I was million dollar schemin
Rolls Royce dreamin, microphone feinin
I mean it
Hungry like dis rhymer down n [?]
N I ain't [?]
But god keep me [?]
19 years old n the hole
Watchin my dreams shatter dat all my goals
Don't fade away like 4th quarter past the 23
I go hard like I took viagra before I got the beat