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Artist: Meek Mill
Album:  Flamers 2.5: The Preview (Mixtape)
Song:   What Part of the Game
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Niggas snitchin on they homies gettin em life
Still walkin around like the shit is alright
But dis is the life, yea what part of the game is that
Tell me what part of the game is that
Same niggas that you roll with for the rest of yo life
Soon as you go up state nigga hittin yo wife
But dis is the life, yea what part of the ame is that
Tell me what part of the game is that

[Verse 1]
they say loyalty, brings forth royalty
Da main reason ya'll niggas is broke
Main reason when it go down you nigga will choke
thats why I leave my circle tight and keep my famile close
Yea uh, it b the niggas that you trust doe
Cut throat do you dirty and wnt give a fuck doe
Yo luck doe, same ones you ride for and die 4
Stab you and yo back you got yo eyes closed
Think that it's all love, all daps, all hugs
they don't wanna see you eat, they rather see all blood
Over nothin all cause you was and the light
they was and the left lane and you was and the right
Da difference is you say a nigga ride cause he down to pull a trigga
But I say a nigga ride when you down he send you pictures
Showin love droppin money on yo kids
Nowadays you go 2 jail they actin like you dead


[Verse 2]
I said you used to b a boss, got indicted started snitchin
All that money you was gettin got a nerve to start pitchin
Wasn't sayin that when you was louie luggage trippin
U and yo chick stylin
Spendin thousand at the islands
But now you and a jam, you could'ntwith bein silent
So you rather rat yo homie out coward
Got his baby mom stressin, kids growin up without a father
B the main niggas talkin like they ridin
Selfish, wouldn't bust a grape not if you hired dem at welch's
Da type to leave yo nigga and a fire and watch him meltin
I say what part of the game is that
Niggas tellin all on they homies, how lame is that
We [? ] niggas go and let the game collapse
thats why I'm spittin pain so I can the game get back
N these niggas I ain't got nothin for
Cause I'm real and I remember every nigga ain't loyal