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Artist: Memphis Bleek f/ Jay-Z
Album:  The Understanding 
Song:   All Types of Shit 
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Yo yo

[Verse 1- Memph] 
I swear to God I'm addressin all types of shit 
Tote big guns, with all types of clips 
See those cars I be in, all types of whips 
All those whores I got, all types of chicks 
See those sneaks I rock, all types of kicks 
In the double xl, in all types of flicks 
On my two way pager, typin' shit 
I made alot of records, all type of hits 
I was told to get dough, all types of chips 
Flip weed, coke, dough, all types of bricks 
I've been overseas, on all types of trips
My coke come on a boat, all types of ships
Catch me on La Cienega, S type and shit 
The new CL, type s and shit  
And I bust guns at all types of clicks 
Took four and made all types of flips, motherfucker 

We got the S class, the Cadillac, and excel
We blowin up y'all, we got all types of V's 
We got the chocolate, Hawaiian skunk, and purple haze 
Roll it up y'all, we got all types of trees 
We got the 4-4, the glock nine, and bright ghost 
We throw it up y'all, we got all types of guns 
We got the pesos, the dolla bills, the yen and mar 
Throw it up y'all, we got all types of ones 

[Verse 2-Memph] 
Fuckin wit these records, I made all types of deals 
Fuckin wit these wild dudes, i tote all types of steel 
Fuckin wit these streets, Im in all types of beef 
And now, that I'm on, i got all types of creeps 
Movie stars, chickenheads, all types of freaks 
Hydro, chocolate, all types of trees 
Bentleys, widebodies, all types of v's 
Yamaha's, snowmobiles, all types of skis 
Know Bleek done it all, all types of things 
Know the squad rock ice, all types of bling 
And I learnt from the best, all types of vets 
You know I throw it up, on all types of sets 
And you know I hear it all, all types of hate 
But Bleek benchpress all types of weight 
When my shit drop, I'm gonna get all types of scans 
And rap the logo on all types of vans, motherfucker 

[Chorus 2x] 

Yea man, it's Young Hova 
Coolin out, young Memph Bleek, you know?
Wha ya niggaz need man?, whacha do, wha ya 'vice man? 
You smoke, drink, do dope man, got dat shit man 
Wha'cha hoes wanna see us in, suv's, coupes, drops? 
We got all dat shit man 
Wha'cha like man, wha'cha u wanna see us in, five, ten bedrooms? 
We sleep in twenty, we sleep in twenty, man 
Wha'cha need, movie theaters, duplexes, triplexes, we got that man 
Wha'cha wanna see us in, rocawear furs, holla man 
Ma, what you wanna see us in? 

[Girl Talking] 
yo, you know what I need to see u in 
I need to see you in some briefs 

*music stops* 
No we don't do that..hahaha....holla!