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Artist: Method Man
Album:  4:21... The Day After
Song:   Konichiwa Bitches
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Hook 2X: GZA sample]
"Konichiwa bitches"

[Method Man]
What up, what up, these niggaz suck
They can't hold a fort, better hold that thought, B.
If I can't get it off, see my attitude is MSG
Fuck it, I'm salty, the game been loss me
Pay ya dues, it cost me, who acting like I'm past my prime
Hey Carlton Fisk, nigga, pass the nine, who wanna cross me, now?
And put my body in the lost and found
You with the business, then bust off a round
It's like the passions of Christ, get crucified just for having that ice
And the audacity for having that life, while niggaz starving & shit
The main reason they be robbing and shit
The same reason you've been targeted bitch (these niggaz must of forgot)
The thin line between a hoe and a trick
Give 'em the clip between the four and the fifth (yea, motherfucker I'm high)
There I go again, blowing a spliff
When I exhale, it's like I'm blowing a kiss (konichiwa bitches)

[Chorus: Method Man]
N.Y.C., is all I see
O.D.B., nigga, R.I.P. (konichiwa bitches)
This Killa Beez on ya M.I.C.
You want it all, well then y'all like me (konichiwa bitches)
Come on, come on, I think they playing my song
I came to blow them out the frame, and I'm gone (konichiwa bitches)
M-E-T, to the H-O-D
Why motherfuckers wanna hate on me? (konichiwa bitches)

[Method Man]
For every rhyme, there's a hair on my chest
Scared of the Man, you should be scared of the Meth
Now every damn that I drop, is homicidal, that could dare to be done
There's no survival, now who care to be next? (if you don't know me by now)
Know where the borough is, doing it for
The most thoroughest, you doing the most, pa
The French call it "forpa" when fucking with son, the odds a hundred to none
Too many flavors, y'all ain't fucking with one
It's getting deep, see the plot thicker
No place to be, if you bi-atch, nigga
Outside the Clan, we always got RZA
I put it down, like I don't give a
One in the head, I bet he don't get up, we drinking malt liquor
Out of your Benz, just to talk slicker
Then paint a scene that you can all picture
You going in? Well, let me walk with cha
It's Method Man, but for short Mr., Mef (konichiwa bitches)


[Hook 4X]