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Artist: Method Man f/ Ginuwine
Album:  4:21... The Day After
Song:   Let's Ride
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Ginuwine (Method Man)]
Oohh, uh-oh, it's time, Meth Man, G-Wine, aiy-aiy-aiy-aiy
Aiyo, Meth this shit sick boy, haha, (it's beautiful) yeah
What's up (aww man, it's getting scary for y'all niggaz now) what's good

[Method Man]
There go the apple of my eye, my black butterfly
Don't try to pass me by, like you do them other guys
You do with brother's lies, about they baby mothers & they wives
And how you need they ass to survive
I ain't a bit suprised, and I ain't try'nna give you bad vibes
You probably had a bumpy last ride witch ex
Was he stalking, calling making threats where you rest
Until you got that order of protect
Girl, I'm far from a threat, boo, now hold for a sec.
Relax with the Meth, take a load off your breast
If you had a choice, baby, who would you choose
Them dudes who look like they got sugar in they shoes
Girl, that's how you lose
Before you play the game, know the rules
Cuz still ain't nothing changed but the jewels
You still paying dues, when we should be laying on the cruise
Some icecubes, playing with ya boobs, knawmean

[Chorus: Ginuwine]
Let's ride, we get it everyday, it's doesn't fail
And I always wanna know how you feel
Cuz you're everything, I'm always there for you
Yes, I'll be there, so let's ride
Let's ride, don't trip, got your back, I'm your man
I keep it G, like they do it in the hood, and
You give me everything, and always be right there
And if you real, then let's ride

[Method Man]
Hey, pretty ma, you look sweat, I mean
You the type of treat, I've been dying to eat
I see them other dudes try'nna speak, flossin' them jeeps
They wanna whistle & beep when you crossin' the street
Have mercy, to these big hands and big feet
Use me once and use me again like fish grease
Body perfect, primadonna, oh my god, mommy, work it
Make a nigga wanna get a job
I love chicks to hate staring, hate man sharing
Hate it when a bum bitch is wearing what she wearing
Huge attitude like the size of her badunk
Double XL, she the "Eye Candy of the Month"
Johnny, but ladies call me Big John Studd
Is it my big club or my big long hugs
Go figure, if you got an itch, I'm ya nigga
To scratch it, and bring the hook back while I'm at it, now pass it


[Hook: Ginuwine]
Let's ride, I start up on your right
Peace and then we'll fight
I'm starting to fall for love
Yes, I will, yes, I will
Let's ride, don't need to think twice
I, want you at your time
Let's ride, let's roll, all night, oh lord
Full night, oooh tell me something


[Outro: Method Man]
Yeah, this is Ginuwine, uh
Method Man, yeah, I like that