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Artist: (Method Man f/) Black Ice
Album:  Tical 0: The Prequel
Song:   Ridin' for Outro
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[Black Ice]
Three young cats strapped with gats decided to ride out one night
The in-flight drug used to induce the hindsight was dust
The moonlight was robust but they couldn't see the beauty in it
Their duty in it was to carry out another senseless killin
Senses and feelings distorted they boarded their vessel Nessel
Discreet in crotches and underneath seats they tuck heat
to complete the mission they had no decision in
No longer do they use our light and dark
used to create the vision in our towns
but now they red and blue override our brown skin
We've been conditioned to let off them rounds when we see another color rag
or, hear another brother brag about what set he claimin
Poverty, drugs and poor education should be the target
but we won't stay gamin that
We'll kill and maim another cat like there's no shame in that
like there's fame in that
We hang out them car windows and bust them slugs
in the name of genocide in disguise, so we don't take blame for that
But if there's honor amongst you thieves in life
then what the fuck you hidin for?
Recognize your deed to trife and decide what the fuck you ridin for