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Artist: Method Man f/ Busta Rhymes
Album:  Tical 0: The Prequel
Song:   What's Happenin'
Typed by: Cno Evil, OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Busta Rhymes (Method Man)]
Aiyo, Tical? (What up, fam?)
You know Busta-Bust had to come see you, God, it's good to see you God
(Good too see you too, God)
Let's take the streets for a little ride (Okay, we ridin high)
Yeah, you better light your L, smoke your L and just (kiss the sky)
Huh! And if you ever disrespect the Bust or Meth (find them a die)
Yeah, I-I-I think the streets been lookin' for this one for a long time
(Yeah, aiyo) Come on!

[Method Man]
I came to bring the pain, more hard to the brain
Tical... I'm bustin that ass again
I burn like acid rain, that acid slang
These niggaz tryin see how I come ash again
Made it evident, I'm huntin, yes, Meth for president
Be in hell with gasoline drawers just for the hell of it
And I ain't yellow kid, flows hot as kettle get
Now if you ain't fuckin with that, you must be celibate
Spaz! Just a little, got a sack lookin fizzle
Little hash in the middle, where it at? In the middle, yup
Mommy if you got a fat ass, make it jiggle, yup
Put it in my next video shot by Little X
And M-E-F gon' work 'til their ain't any left
I'm tryin to get what I'm worth and not a penny less
Think fast (come on) bank cash (come on)
Everybody do it wit'cha stank ass (just come on)

[Chorus: Method Man] + (Busta Rhymes)
Make you rob somebody (what?) grab somebody (what?)
Stomp somebody (what?) slap somebody (what?)
Make you wanna step to the bar and sip Bacardi (what?)
Wild out, spaz in the club, we in the party (what?)
Brooklyn (come on!) Shaolin (come on!)
Queensbridge down to Long Island (come on!)
Bronx, nigga (come on!) Manhattan (come on!)
To each and every hood what's happenin? (come on!)

[Interlude: Method Man] + (Busta Rhymes)
Yeah... let 'em talk, nigga, come on Bust
(Aiyo, Meth, let me get at these niggaz) Yeah!

[Busta Rhymes]
Now watch me back your shit up, I hope your people pull up
and pick up and pack your shit up, homey it's time to move
While I'm seein right through you let me relieve you all of your
fantasies you screamin never believin you niggaz (c'mon!)
Go head and babble you can watch me patiently waiting
Aimin, attackin, instead I'mma let one of my bitches slap you
I invite you and your niggaz to try and feel the wrath
of the unruly unawakening of a sleeping giant
(Very defiant) Once I give you the pressure
And then I apply it and then your breathin is stopped and totally quiet
(Shhh) Captain of this ship, so call me the pilot
I leave you and your crew to collide with me then I
STOMP ON A NIGGA, just like a herd of a thousand cattle
that'll travel over your face and frazzle your shit
Charlie Horse worse than a brick and then we torturin you
And then get the reverend, and get to steppin, nigga!
This shit'll make you

[Chorus: Busta Rhymes]

[Interlude: Method Man] + (Busta Rhymes)
Haha, that's the truth... my nigga
(Nigga, listen, listen, let me talk) Let me talk! (huh)

[Busta Rhymes] (Method Man) {both}
Can't you see what I got for you now?
(Shake your big fat ass in front of me now)
To all my high bidders (to all my live niggaz)
{We here to blackout, follow the story now
Just feel my heat, and you know I'm gonna
Just keep the street, but nigga did you
know when you 'bout to lose it, my nigga
And you know we gon' get real stupid, my nigga}

[Busta Rhymes]
See the police coming (what?) Fireman coming (what?)
Street niggaz ready to riot and start dumbin (what?)
I love to see it whenever you and your man frontin' (what?)
Me and Meth'll step to you QUICK! And smash somethin' (what?)

[Method Man]
Now who is he? Dope MC killin these cowards
Wack niggaz get pimp slapped, give me some powder
Click-clack, one in your back, now think about it
Get back, runnin your yap, I can't allow it!

[Busta Rhymes]
Well yeah my nigga (set it off) you know we seein it through God
The streets be needin niggaz like me and you God
(AIYYO!) I think what I'm seein from here we got 'em whylin yo
Logical, we should've did this shit a long time ago

[Method Man]
I got that shit that make rappers shit in they shoes
Nasty MC, I spit flows and spit in they food
Man don't tempt me, I'm nuttin like a curious child
I'm simply a +Boy in the Hood+ with +Furious Styles+
(This shit'll make you)


[Outro: Method Man] + (Busta Rhymes)
Every day, every rotation, come with it! (Let me talk... come on, hah)
(Aiyo God) Yeah, lord? (Flipmode/Wu-Tang, nigga, ain't that some shit?)
That's some shit, actually truthfully, Busta Bust! (Meth Tical!)
Yeah... (yeah, let me know when you wanna do that again, God)
Shit we can do itt right now
Shout out to New Jersey, hahaha, yeah!