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Artist: Method Man f/ Carlton Fisk, La Banga
Album:  Wu-Box: The Cream of the Clan
Song:   Pop Off
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Carlton Fisk]
Carlo, sick wrists, shake whips, stickshift
With the clutch, Superhead bitch riding shotgun
Pops swallowed, know the stashbox
Chrome mac with the hallows, minds swearing that I'll pop one
Every man need the options
A down bitch, not a problem, everywhere I'm seen I've got one
My whole team gon' rep to death
Can't be a mjor nigga when you taking minor steps
This soldier gon ride till there's noone left
Till I'm laying next to Why and ??? muthafuckas
This is real hood connect, not a special effect
House Gang, feel the reign pf the tec
Nigga, remain and get wet
Same shit, different day I expect
The gun blaze, richo-richochets spray through your vest
You should know I'm opposing a threat, House Gang
Ya'll rat niggas should be coated, held in a dress man

[Chorus: La Banga]
Expect us to pop off, so we gotta pop off
This product a knock off of H.G.
Breaking free from the damn chain
They wanting the damn thang
There's money to go to claim for H.G.
If ya'll support House Gang, than this is for ya'll mane
Nigga blow off our own name for H.G.
Ya'll wanted to hear more, so ya'll gone hear more
We the niggas to fear for, H.G.

[La Banga]
Well ok, if my fam is ok with this, than so am I
Equip the pad with the pen, it's time to ride or die
Naw, it ain't got to be a physical death
But then a slaying of the mental could take your last breathe
I orchestrtae a 1-8-7
The body cannot function without the mind, so I'm seeing your fate
No trace of destruction when I'm catching a case
There's gonna be alot of harrasing with question asking
But they will never learn of the cerebral assassin
Death to your thoughts for thinking you could really leak a whole fort
Though confidence is arrogence and ignorance is bliss
The way you make it move, you gotta succumb to this
I ain't got the type of feeling for this
I got the type of feelings for plush life, what everybody want, get rich
Yo there's a hustle, there's a robbery game, same difference
All I'm saying is utilize one, let's see your game


[Method Man]
Just sitting here, biting my nails, pen in hand
Fighting myself, these dime pieces lighting my L
I ain't trying to fuck up my life or get life in the cell
But right now it's hot in hell, and I ain't liking the smell
Ain't it funny kid, when you get money
Seem everybody wanna get chummy, till they find out they can't get shit from me
And now I'm mackin like my shit don't stink
Cuz at the club, I didn't get yo drink bitch
You're fucking with a pro, who's attitude is 'don't give a'
Watch the girls with the dirt in they nails ???, they gold diggas
I'm telling ya'll like I told RZA
Man I got Meth, and on the day that I don't I'll let you know nigga
Until then, I will will
Cop the S-Class with the weed stash built in
Niggas know the half on me
Marijuana, I got the halves homie
And you know the policy, cash only ya dig