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Artist: MF Doom
Album:  Born Like This
Song:   Absolutely
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

"Things take a turn for the worse"
  "Send him back where he came from"
"We got shots fired down the street"

"Alright, steady"
Ba-di-yah, ba-di-yah

Absolute power corrupts absolutely
If they get the Villain surrounded {*AHEM*}

Good to the last drop nigga
Hood 'til the last pop them bigot-ass piglets
Go for the bosses, dicks or higher
Beatwalker still get caught up in the crossfire
Get at the sarge, he give the orders
The rest of them punks'll quit the force or get slaughtered
Use stealth, play alleys, jet
We'd rather not alert them gnomes and federales, yet
Keep the local random cases in each state
Escape to the beaches for the season and be straight
You on call, keep your Nikes on tight, no white
Anybody tell get lighted on sight
The ringer's on a need-to-know basis
No persons, places, things and no faces
Get bagged, you're on your own, act it alone
Back home your fam'll be provided for while you're gone
It's a price on all snitches
If you nice bring back eyes fingers toes and pictures
Send copies to those who singin the blues
Mothers and fathers who's unjustly accused
Our species is in danger
Wear gloves and strike in a city where you a stranger
That'll let them fools know
And send them a message, let them P.O.W.'s go
Absolute power corrupts absolutely
Now you have your orders, do your duty
A new way to let the shot spray
A few drops a day, double expresso, D.A. latte
No smell nor taste, hardly traceable
Wait to waste a prosecutor, maybe get the case pulled
Learn 'em a lesson for givin bros mad stressings
A long list of C.O.'s names and addresses
A fake judge for many years on the bench
Who sent some good cats to the chair, who erred in the trench
They say her tongue was teared out, smeared and drench
The whole system scared in doubt in a fear stench
And she was tortured, some say post mortem
The suspect took his own life before they caught him
It's real spooky like a real trife movie
Remember the part where Terminator killed Tookie
Absolute power corrupts absolutely
If they get the Villain surrounded, son this year
Shed blood, some'll be shooken
Just look with they head in the mud, red flood


One of the things we ran into the unknown
We we couldn't get at the door pulled as quick as we wanted to
And once we did, finally pull the door and breach the interior door
There's a man trapped inside of it
Basically that man trap is a cage
'Fore we run in, we're stuck in there and they can shoot us
While we're just, we're stuck in a cage