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Artist: MF Doom
Album:  Born Like This
Song:   Ballskin
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

The flow was to' in precision as an afro trim
All big letters but isn't no acronym
Smack the thin grin off a tin for crack smokin
DDT the first bar, leave this track back broken
Chrome grown man doin business with anglo-sax'n'them
Lackin swing but that banjo's so relaxin
As the wax spin, hackin axes in the wind
Pretend it's just a pen; see if you can pencil 'em in
Tense, mention men of honor fenced in
Census is tens, the wheels fall off then it's the end
Don't get keelhauled in
Villain always been, feel real genuine ballskin
Not to call the whole crowd out
It's just a few chumps, and you know who you are like a shoutout
Place 'em in your loud mouth and taste 'em like a pastry
Waste of space face hastily bow out gracefully
Disappear, reappear and disappear again
Villain knot his hair, he's no afro-american
If that's the case he be a bald-headed African
Takin all the credit and jetted, astro travellin
Turn a man into a mannequin for AFLAC'n
And bein tough actin Tinactin bluff jackin
He wears a mask so any dog's his face
Each and every race, could absord the bass
in the place to be, don't believe the hyperbole
It's like a murder spree, get sniped verbally
Or beat in the head with lead pipe languages
For street cred leave him for dead in anguishments
The slang suggest it was a guy in the glasses
Who came to help the people with they minds and they asses
You set trip and get a grip like Spalding
These walls is thin, feel genuine ballskin {*echoes*}