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Artist: MF Doom
Album:  Born Like This
Song:   Rap Ambush
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

So we're gonna stand on perimeter
We did have some shots fired right down the street on us
while this was goin on, so we gotta set up a tight perimeter
We got the streets blocked off
to make sure we don't have any drivebys on us
Other than that, the operation went, fairly well...

Who told you that? Rolled through, BRRRAT
Old to the new knows who hold the hat
Custom tailored fitted, head stayed same size
Big since first born, well spree to game wise
Same guys, same disguise, sick aim eye stare
A thick dame thighs, click claim prize
And the lucky contestant was sent
a whole year's supply of buckets of yucky excrement
Digital format, provide the ROM
Riot calm, flow was like a roadside bomb
Flipped the Humvee, impact was limb-numbing
Cameraman wig back, gunner screaming INCOMING
RPG, rhyme propelled grenade
Time to yell, scramble for cover in the shade
Bright as the midday sun, then it fade
Darkness come quick, some run and get sprayed
Rot dead, hot lead, it's rainin
Left 'em with they brains kicked in with they trainin
Dragged the remains into the open by the bootstraps
Dogtag attached to explosive human booby traps
Where's air support, ears ringin, mortars whistlin
Bloodshot vision after thought abort mission
Too little too late, as the last man gushed
Took no prisoners mushed, rap ambush