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Artist: Doom f/ Empress Stahhr
Album:  Born Like This
Song:   Still Dope
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[Emoress Stahhr]
I'm still dope, even if the bag ain't coach
Even if I don't smoke 'till the hydro roach
I'm still dope, rock a thrift store coat, and a fresh pair of moccasins
Comfortable for walking in
No A&R marketing, this is my reality
Still dope power walk burning off the calories
Fact and not fallacy, Metal Face family
Imminent fatality, taking us too casually
I, got it it's cool, just part of the school
And I'm acing the lesson this time so quit stressing
Still dope: vibrant natural game
No ring, no chain, still bringing the pain
Still dope: got no choice but to cope, listen take
notes, I'm showing you the ropes
Still dope: very high dosage, my approach is lights out, buenas noches
Hold my glasses so I can get riddick
Send 'em home tail tucked holding they fitted
Cold as a Guinness (One pint Miss!)
Yo, chill, watch the table a fish might flip
Crack jokes spit, pop mad shit
That's what it's made for, cop that quick
Drop that vick, butterfingers, oopsie!
Signed away your publishing for Jordan's and a loosie?
The old one-two see, solo not groupie
All over they ass like sweats by juicy
Cats is puss like Sagwa and Morris
Stay spittin' lines there is no chorus
Deploying the troublesome, sleep and bubblegum
That's a double dumb, hum if you feel where I'm coming from
Do it 'till your lips are numb, you gotta go for it
I stay moving forward, I'm baby bear porridge
Knick nack paddy wack fluck ya'll critics
This dime on the grind when it comes to the spinach
Conquered the ID, +Vicious+ like +Sid+ flow
Not a nympho, impress official
She rock mics, you wait to ?exhale?
She rock shows like DMC rock Cazals
She rock shells, manicured nails
Rock for every belle with a spliff to inhale
Holdin' she own cone of homegrown shrubbery
Won't go hungry, the flow too lovely
Leavin' grills dented on the SUV rented
Classic as vintage Impalas that's all tinted
Raw business, like how them wifeys get hitted
Authentic the track is so love I'm all in it
Awww quit it, of course I'm inclined to shine, did-ick
Line for line with it, climbin' infinite
¿Tu no sabe? Yo soy una bien mala madre
Confident aren't we? Playin' it smartly
Word to Dios, Estrella is lethal
Flow muy frio roll the dice chico
Live crazy decent insanely frequent
Strangely sleep wit' one eye open not jokin', outspoken
Provokin' and chokin' ego strokin' is lame
Word +Bond+er than +James+, four alarm wit' the flame
Way ahead of the game, still playing the same
Royalty in my veins it'll always remain
Forever doin' my thing solo or crew I can hang
Like ylang and ylang bring the Yin to the Yang
They got placenta for brains testing my venomous slang
Fools get fitted for bangs and rented for change
Some people think I'm deranged, others a little bit strange
Just trying to rattle my cage, cause I'm way outta they range

"..a monkey!"