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Artist: (MF Doom f/) E. Mason
Album:  Operation: Doomsday
Song:   Hero V.S. Villain
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

"And that ended Doom's plans for world destruction!"
  "And how did you manage to stop him?"
"Simple, I [..] rearranged the circuits"
"Once he threw the switch" {*bang*}
"My ability to attack is faster than the cobra..." {*dialogue fades*}

  "Very helpful."
  "And I will be careful, not to make the same mistakes as Doom!"

[E. Mason]
What's the hero, who's the villain?
Dead or livin, killed or killin, who the fuck should remain chillin?
(Doom) Webster says, wicked and evil, but yo who's Webster?
Nihilation and outcast, equals freedom that's so fast
Culture in chains, that be the rolls villain plays
All these are just metaphors, they describe symbols in folklore
But who knows why it's like this?
Hero?  Hit or old miss?  Maybe it's all good
Really of God, but who should, determine the real
Evil, what's the deal
Fools rush in, they don't know the yin, from the yang
And are ashamed to deviate, or act sane
From the norm, they are slaves, forced to conform
To really find your essence, take this as a lesson
Break away from the rest of them
Get from the form ending, like the villain in the song
Find truth, who determines wrong
from right, without a fistfight
Different from day than from night {Operation... Doomsday}
It's just a simple play on words
Delete all these punks ass herbs
Who's the hero, what's the villain?
The question still remains chillin
Listen to the music, try very hard to use it
Open up and research, and that's the end of this verse
But y'all niggaz keep y'all minds open out there

"So like fuck you, fuck the newspaper, fuck all that shit man!"
"I'm leavin"  {"Good evening"}
  "Yo why you want to be leaving man?"
"Man don't worry about that sucker, yo man listen"
  "Yo I'm not gonna finish my piece man, not with this lady around man"
"Yo what the fuck is this shit man?"
"I don't like that shit man, I don't want no fuckin pictures taken of my shit man"
  "Yo relax!"
"Nah man, that shit is fucked up man, that shit can get us busted over here man!"
  "Relax man it's for the paper"
"NAH NAH I'm not gonna relax, I'm gettin the fuck out of here"
  "Look, we got a car!  She's got a car parked right over there man!"
"Let's get the fuck out of here!"
  "Well come on let's go then!"

"Doom, .. to conceal his own mangled form, right?"  "Yeah"
"So like fuck you"
"Do yourself a favor.. do yourself.. trust me"