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Artist: M.F. Doom f/ Kurious
Album:  Operation: Doomsday...
Song:   ?
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Intro: Dr. Doom
My servants began to forge what was to become the most dreaded costume on
the face of the earth.
*sound of metal being forged*
The last thing to fit was the mask, when it conformed to my twisted features
in comfort.

Verse One: MF Doom

He cleans his metal mask with gasoline
Then after I'm last seen
Pullin' a chick like a fiend
Pull a fast one
Can't put shit past him
Got niggas on his own team mad enough to blast him
Retarded in real life, on the mic Rain Man
Stand close to his main man like a chain gang
Who give a fuck about who or they fancy crew
That's no mystery that Hardy Boys do with Nancy Drew
Sorta with her drawers down quarter
The extorter bring slaughter like "Well I oughta"
I suggest you hand over the formula dulia?
A villain in your land, in his land a ruler
Hard hitting like puffin a woola with Lieutenant Uhura
Everyday feel like its an off day with Ferris Bueller
Brother pull heat to prove they're not sweet
No matter how you spell it, we still got beats

Verse Two: Kurious

We question how we live
Question, what we give
Take it to the next leave 'em where they can't see me
Still they judge but they be butt ass
Switch that wig like a muppet
Keep it simple, can't truss it
Light's the fuel
Mic is the tool
Drink Jack, kick back, drop jewel
Finish what I start
Mastered the art
Livin' hell can't explain the inhale confuse it more
Cop the .44
Contemplate meditate
I direct my direct fate
Coming of late
Can I say shit
Do it for CottleRock, do it for K.Nit
K-N-I-T, Sub R-O-C
Only we save we

Verse Three: MF Doom

By candlelight my hand will write these rhymes 'til I'm burnt out
Mostly from experience, shit that I learned about
Topics and views, generally concerned about
With different ways to coincide earned clout
I take a look at my life I taste the trails
From Tablik and savage females
With fake nails to face scales
You out your frame for still baggin' 'em too
You know I know
These hos be asking me if I'm you
Like my twin brother we did everything together
From under ?  to coppin butter leathers
Remember when you went and got the dark blue Ballys
I had all the different color Cazale Cazales
But SubRoc, you shoulda went with the Ruby and the old Ock
Truly the illest dynamic duo on the whole block
I keep a flick of you with the machete sword in your hand
Everything is going according to plan man