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Artist: MF Doom is Viktor Vaughn
Album:  Vaudeville Villain
Song:   Popsnot
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It last longer if take a picture
It Viktor the slickster
I pick her
Sips Schlitz malt liquor
Still up in the mixture like a fixture
Y'all seen the sticker with the sick fillin
Vik sta
He stacks chips by any rich way
And keep black lips fuck what any bitch say
It ain't no time for no tip or tatt
Y'all better aim for the head
Just don't hit the fitted hat
Wondered since time ago it's just time to go
As for right now though
The hour show rhyme flow
He got more of those and lines for dime hoes
And act fancy
Wit more clothes than Delaney
Don't let him house you out on Houston
Or catch you downtown on Broadway browsing
Whoever got the most bags get followed
Give it up or get you in the old hag hollow
It Viktor the slicksta

It's like limbo
how low can you go
Vee go lower than your bimbo panty hose
Damn yo
I say that's pretty damn low
In the city streets with more ammo than Rambo
Y'all don't want Vee in it
Make the coolest cat piss his Coogi in a minute  	
When he blow and get ballin at the top slot
Twenty G's a head for whoever's calling cop shot
Kack, kack, kack, kack, kack

Tender headed
Get they wig split wit folk sheen
V manufacture gun cleaning kits for poe dean
Party people ask him how you so mean and still quiet could it be the codine in your diet
I'm like what I look like a doctor
Let the pork stop I got the clear meat the vodka
Cork tops step up to hustle like the new guy
Gun busting and drugs the penalties to high
Make you wonder who they speak for it's only one side benefiting off the street war
And he skeet galore just to make ya badder
Many gone stab they own man up like Jacob ladder
I still worry when I'm out on the hop hot
Realer ill flurry that might pop ya knot
I feel that Bill Murray get more run then the whop got
Shop for a yacht