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Artist: MF Grimm
Album:  American Hunger
Song:   Lift Me Up (Snakes & Ladders)
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Lift me up, cause it hurts
Because I'm dying
Tell our love, no more can I go
Cause I don't want to be here

Lift me up
I don't want to be here

[MF Grimm]
Sometime life on this planet makes me blue
I don't know who to trust no more, only trusted you
People run to me for answers, I used to run to you
Man I can't lie, I don't know what the fuck to do because
My body's in pain, inside I cry
And my soul is so tired I just want to lay down a die
When it come to intelligence you had everything I lacked
I go to your grave, I lay in the dirt and try to bring you back
Royalty, I remember we had everything
It feels like only yesterday when we were kings
The world is out of order, apocalypse is almost done
The wolves gone crazy, howling now when they see the sun
Live and die by the gun, that is how
We came up, we went down, look at us now
Hit the canvas, the crowd roars, the referee want us to lose
Count to ten, not by ones because he count by twos
When we were kids, we didn't hesitate to bust
Our guns, these young ones today man they worse than us
The anger they have, we don't hold a card to them
So I share all my mistakes, I try to talk to them
Is it our fault they watched us and they mastered it?
Is it too late to teach the babies how to channel it?
Cause the world cheered us on, as we gave our all
But turned around and they laughed at us, 
They laughed when they watched us fall
I love my woman dearly, I try to stay strong for her
She deserve better than me, I feel like I'm wrong for her
Cause these murders are weighing me down, I got blood on my hands
And I'm rubbing my eyes, my sight is compromised
All I see is red and not the prize no more
All my people are dead and that's the price for war
Bullets are in my head, brains left on the floor
My heart hurts from beating and my chest is sore
Life didn't mean shit, death was irrelevant
War was just a game to us, excuse us for our arrogance
Penetrate, and hit my nerves
I'm slightly light headed, with a heavy heart I scribe these words
The devil in me, premeditate and cover bases
But there's no clean getaways, we're just angels with dirty faces
Stay medicated, but placebos are just sugar pills
Will my story end like Romelo did at Sugar Hill?
Will it end like Romelo?
will it?
Will it?
Royalty, I remember we had everything
It feels like only yesterday when we were kings
Those things are gone