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Artist: MF Grimm
Album:  The Downfall of Ibliys: A Ghetto Opera
Song:   Voices Pt. 0
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Tossin turnin, dreams of murder someone's killin me
It changes there's night I'm on a killin spree
All done, cold blood, wakin up in cold sweats
This is such a cold world my conscience getting death threats
Shadows chokin me, my last breath, lets out my body, it's a conspiracy
My mind and my body's not really down with me
Me against the whole world, it's a little deeper
Me against myself, I fight the grim reaper
Swing sickle I got my glock bust rounds off demented
Schizophrenic, I know this sounds off to you
I do not lie, when I doze off spirits hope I die, whatever
Angels waste they time, they work together
Scheme, they plot on me, 'cause I'm son of man
I hear voices from a dog like Son of Sam
Don't give a damn if the bullets fill me
I don't wanna live, I hope they kill me
Put me out my misery, I live in misery
I kill all my enemies, 'cause I live comfortably
Those who seek me are called wise men
Or either wise guys I pray you comprehend
And realize I'm condemned

No rest, homicidal dreams
My cell mate, all he do is scream
Out loud how he wants to go home
That's funny, I'm here all alone
Locked, in a single cell
His back's bleedin, he's cold as hell
And I'm hopin, they turn on some heat
I call the C.O. to bring some extra sheets
Where he go he walk through walls one halls I pray he teach me
They don't see him at the health try to reach me
I say "please see how he feels"
They said "he's alright, but he's not real"
Evaluation say I suffer from depression
Hallucination, self-? What they guessin
I'm here doin years I'm stressin
Medicate me state me want me to rested
Don't take it cause he said that wont be bested
He said I need his help and he needs me
Nigga you walk through walls, go home you're free

Home, that was far and he was turned off
'Cause his wings were burned off
A lesson was learned, communicated with one
I was chosen 'cause I've got sun

[And I'm the retarded one!]